Sunday, August 30, 2009

Seoul Garden - IOI Mall

Seoul Garden serves buffet in Korean style. It is priced at RM25.80++ per pax and additional RM4++ for free flow of soft drink. Once I hear the 'additional RM4', I was a bit skpetical about this restaurant. You offer buffet style food but you dont offer drinks?? What nonsense? With the addtional RM4 include drinks, that would mark up the pricing to be RM30++ per pax which is a bit expensive lor.

Luckily we walked one round to take a look at the food before deciding to have a try. We saw they have shave ice with lots of ingredients you can mix. So our first strategy was to make our very own ABC as our 'drinks'. Yup, you guess it right, we didnt add the additional RM4. That's our free flow of 'drink' - shave ice with laici, sea coconut, syrup and milk. Boy boy mixed it very well, it tasted not too sweet, just nice.

There are four types of soup you can choose from: Herbal soup, Ginseng chicken, Kimchi soup and tomyum soup. We took the tomyum soup and ginseng chicken soup. The tomyum was really spicy but it has no taste to it except spicy.

Ginseng chicken soup was normal, no ginseng taste also.

Our raw ingredients for bbq. You can request them to change the soup and the hot plate to a new one if you want. There have a wide range of meat: chicken, beef, sotong, lamb etc all in few different flavours. I love the marinated beef that they offer, I forgotten what is the name of the beef, but i know all of it also tasted good. The best chicken was the bulgogi chicken, I ate quite a lot of it.

Fish balls and other ingredients for your steamboat. Calvin took a lot of lala (clams) for steamboat, the lala was full of sand. When he called the waiter to wash it, the waiter never come back with the plate of lala. I was wondering whether he understood what Calvin was trying to say.

All and all, it was quite ok for lunch or dinner. The only disadvantage is that the oil will fly here and there when you wanna barbeque your ingredients. So, do expect some stingy feeling on your hand when bbq-ing, nevertheless, the stingy just last one second only.

Similar concept with Restaurant Telepon, but Seoul Garden has air con and much condusive environment to dine in. Should give a try to this restaurant but cannot eat too often. One year once is ok.

They have another branch in One Utama, located near the Mong Kok Char Char Teng there. You have to walk straight into a quiet corner.

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