Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sentul Ah Yap - Damansara Uptown

Saturday night trying to find kakis to eat steamboat buffet that opened in Taman Paramount not long ago. No one wanna eat with us. Need to go with a gang of people to eat steamboat buffet only fun one le, 2 people eat steamboat buffet for what?? So we ended up rounding Damansara Uptown area to search for fun. That's the problem isnt it?? 2 person struggled to find food, dont know what to eat.

So we saw this Sentul Ah Yap Charcoal Fried Noodles, which was featured in Chui Ling's program 2 weeks ago. The place was crowded but still there was some empty tables around. We chose one table outside, and proceeded with the ordering. This place offers quite a variety of food ranging from 'Dai Chao' type of food to 1 person ala-carte dishes.

Boy boy ordered Asam Buoy Lime BIG. But it came in the size slightly bigger than my drink, and it costs 3 times my drink (RM4.50). Boy boy thought it BIG was meant to be JUMBO size drink. His expression felt like kena conned like that.I ordered Hokkien Fried ... erm, I dont know what is it being called in English tiem. Its' texture similar to soft springy kuih like thingy. It is a Hokkien specialty. It was my first time trying this type of food. It was a bit chewy, I think it is like that one le. Although it stated Charcoal Fried, but the 'wok hei' wasnt there also. only the dish to me.

Boy boy ordered noodle soup.

Fu yu yao mak (preserved beancurd with vege).

During our dining in, we noticed a table beside us kept on complaining. He complained why his Hokkien mee and soup hasnt arrive yet (they have finished eating the Curry Fish Head). When the soup arrive, he complained it was tasteless, then the waiter brought back to the kitchen then brought back the soup again. Then, he complained it was sooo salty. =.="

Then he complained why his hokkien mee hasnt arrive yet (I think he chased the waiter for a few times already). After that, he paid the waited RM50 and asked for a bill (even he hasnt finish the mee that has finally arrived). Later, the waiter came back out and said RM50 is not enough, the bill is RM54. Sigh, this fella purposely made people's life difficult. I can understand his frustration coz he arrived earlier than us, and we have finished eating.

Then I heard another table complaining as well. When the aunty called for bill, she said that the drinks didnt arrive, cancel it from the bill. "Makanan pun sudah habis tapi air tak datang".

Guess it wasnt a good day for this restaurant le. At least this restaurant's hokkien mee is much better than its competitor in the same row.

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