Sunday, August 16, 2009

Restaurant Hong Kong - Kepong

After the lunch in Okuchi, we wanted to continue our chatting. Sharon suggested Dessert Bar in Tropicana. But when we reached there, there was no parking at all! People have to park at the road side, which is really risky, scare kena saman. So Jackie remembered that day a flyer was talking about this dessert shop in Kepong, "Tien Pan Koh Koh". So there we went to venture to Kepong, near Careforre area, not knowing the exact location. And we found it!

Once I entered the shop, it was full of durian smell! Warning, if your friend dont like durian, please dont bring them here. Jackie and Sharon was so crazy about durian, no surprise if they ordered this durian pancake (RM6). I didnt take it, not in the mood for durian le. But according to them, it was really nice. Once it entered your mouth, the durian taste doesnt stay long.
Mango Pancake (RM5). They preferred the durian version.

Red dates with aloe vera (RM6.50).

Glutinous rice ball in Almond soup (RM7 for big bowl).

Glutinous rice ball with ginger soup (RM5.50). It came with 6 huge rice ball with 2 type of flavours: Peanut and black sesame. Both also tasted really good. The ginger soup was really spicy. I prefer this version compared to one in My Honeymoon.

They are opening a branch in SS2 in September. I will go and eat their glutinuous rice ball again.

Restaurant Hong Kong

D-G-6, Jalan Metro Perdana,

Taman Usahwan, Kepong.

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