Sunday, August 30, 2009

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen - TTDI

The night before, Suyin mentioned to me about this Popeye. She said the side dishes are very good then Nikky added on by saying the biscuit was tasty. So, the next day, we went to try this place out in TTDI (they have a branch in Sunway Pyramid too).

I ordered Chicken tenders set. Actually the tata sauce is for boy boy's fish set. The chicken was tasteless but it was not oily though. That's the biscuit that Nikky craves for. To me, it was very salty le, the texture is similar to English scones but it was harder a bit. I prefer Starbucks scones (sweet). If you likes salty biscuit, this might be your favourite.
Nikky ordered fish burger.

Boy boy's fish took quite awhile to serve, I think is 15 minutes waiting time. Once he took the first bite, he said it was extremely salty and got the fishy taste.

So, he took out the whole skin and ate the fish only.

The set comes with coleslaw and mashed potato. Boy boy said the coleslaw was not bad but I prefer KFC's version. But the mashed potato was really good, it has some herbs and a tiny bits of chicken chunks in it. No other outlet serves better mashed potato than Popeye's.

I dont think I will come back for the chicken anymore except I will be back to take away the mashed potato in big size.

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