Saturday, August 8, 2009

My mum's issue on Tissue

Before my mum went to Giant, I told her that please buy me packet tissues. Cheap skate Giant brand one will do la. No need expensive one. When she came back, she came into my room and said, "Nah, wipe yourselves with Scott la".
I was like what the heck is she talking about. Then she showed me this:

SWT! Then I stared at her and said, "no need Scott brand one la, Giant brand will do la". She replied with a smile (plus some ejek-ing tone), "Giant brand and Scott brand the same price, of coz I buy Scott brand la since you like Scott also". I was speechless.


maro^gal said...

since when giant and scott brand price the same ??
giant upgraded? or 'scott' downgrade jor?
which giant? i also want to buy.. hahahaa

btw, ur mum is correct la... lol
may be u will smile while using the tissue..heheee

phyee said...

Marogal, fyi, she did smile all the way when she used the SCOTT tissue..She looks so "hang fuk" when she is holding the

maro^gal said...

hahaaa must be must be...
if can may be she will not throw it after use.. lol

siewmun said...

both of u gals ar....making of me huh.... very funny is it???