Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Taiwan and Honeymoon - One Utama

Gave boy boy options to choose which restaurant to dine in, he chose Little Taiwan.

Mango sago (RM6 I think). Dont be fooled by the picture, the portion was actually quite small (real small for that type of pricing). But luckily its shaved ice was not just plain ice, it was mango shaved ice, it has mango taste in it.

Toast bread with color beans (RM8.90). A real geli thing to eat. The bread was really oily coz it was deep fried. The ingredients were yucky. Blek. Waste my money.

Noodle soup with dumpling (RM12). The soup and noodle was nothing to shout about but the dumplings were really good. Lots of ginger slice in it.

While waiting for the food, I was playing with boy boy's phone.

Then this boy boy so naughty until he took me at a different angle resulted the photo below. Dem sui right?

Now since I am craving for Tong Yuen (Glutinous rice balls), we decided to try this new shop out - My Honeymoon. Its range for desserts were more than 200 types, the menu was quite thick as well, from cold to hot, you named it, they have it. But I wonder why no people in this restaurant, maybe too pricey for a dessert?

Tau Fu Fa with aloe vera (RM6). The tau fu fa was not really smooth but eaten with aloe vera, it tasted quite fresh. The portion was big as well. To me, the tau fu fa was not sweet enough.

3 sweetness glutinous rice ball (RM7). It came with 6 balls with 3 types of flavours: Peanut, black sesame and custard. The black sesame was the best among all. The other 2 really was bad. The glutinous rice ball was really soft and chewy. The ginger soup was not that 'spicy'.Will go back to try out the durian pancake since boy boy wanna eat it. We didnt take it that day coz we were going to watch GI Joe after that, will make the cinema smell of durian.

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