Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

After checking in to Promenade Hotel (Yup, the same one in Tawau but this we didnt stay in VIP room coz KK Promenade is 30% more expensive and out of my budget), we took a map and walked along the road. There were a few shopping complex (small scale) and a few seafood restaurant etc. A more developed area compared to Tawau, at least I saw Starbucks, McD, San Fransisco and a few other restaurant.

Client brought us to Garden Seafood Restaurant, which was situated near AirAsia airport in KK. This time, I followed the client to go and choose the food, just to make sure that he dont over order.

Butter Prawns. When this was served, the portion was huge! The prawns were like stacking like a mountain. The butter indeed was buttery and the prawns were fresh too. I ate quite a lot of this.

Again, Sabah Potato leaves. You just dont wanna miss out this vege when you are in Sabah.

Salt n Pepper Mantis Prawns. 2 big mantis prawns. This dish was a bit oily but the meat tasted fresh though.

Butter Crabs. 1 kg = 3 crabs. Our client took 2 pieces of this and stop. Me and PY has to eat, and eat and eat. The crabs just wont finished! Not that it was not good, but I think I overstuffed myself already.

Although it was just 4 dishes (for 3 of us), we still couldnt finish it, the client tabao some back. Again, we over-ordered. This time the bill was RM20x. The seafood in KK costs more than Tawau.

The next day, we had our breakfast at Starbucks. The scone that I ordered was really good. Outer was crunchy and inner was soft.

View from Sutera Harbour Club House. Look at the Yatches!

Caesar Salad.

I forgotten to take a picture of the pizza that we ordered.

That ends our journey to Sabah. Came back with spare tyres and increased cholesterol level. Really jalat.

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