Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kafe Friendz - Millenium Square

Saw ChuiLing's One Day Five Meals tv program, recommending this restaurant called iThai, that has this fusion concept of Italian and Thai food. The price was really good too! And is located in Seksyen 14 Milennium Square. I thought I know where is it, but it was not. From that place, we have to use boy boy's GPS to find it. Is near the ruined Jaya there.

This square is quite new and quite empty. When we were inside there, we walked on the ground floor, first floor then second floor (second floor has nothing) and we couldnt find iThai. At that moment, I hate myself for not doing enough research on this restaurant before I come. It was just a 2 storey building and is not that big, really impossible to locate a restaurant! The program just came out last week and it cant be closed down after that!

Then while waiting for Nikky to call his sis to surf the internet for this iThai, suddenly he pointed us to a banner stating: iThai has become Friendz. Swt! The sentence was so dem small ok. Ok, we found it after 15 minutes in that dem square.

When we walked into the restaurant, it was quite packed, and I felt a tense moment among the customers, so I surveyed their tables as I walked pass, most of them doesnt have food on their table yet. Erm...ok, I sensed something is really wrong that time. But I was super hungry already, cant find any other nice restaurant in that square.

We ordered at 8.45pm (which was AFTER peak hour already and I assumed the food would be served fast), and the food arrived at 9.45pm. Eat supper meh! Between that time, we saw a few tables complaining already. An aunty went and scolded the waiter. And I saw the boss (Yup, I saw him during ChuiLing's interview) walked here walked there, pretending to be busy and ignoring all our handwaves. What a lousy service, even the boss himself!

I ordered Som Tum as appetizer, and after 15 minutes, this waiter came out and told us it was finished, then I changed to Mango Kerabu, again after 10 minutes, he came out and told us it was finished. The third time I changed, he again came out after 5 minutes and told me it was finished. I was quite pissed at that time. And we ordered another meat dish.

Pad Grapow Chicken (RM7.50). Tom Yum Seafood (RM10). The special guest of ChuiLing's program praised this dish so much. When I tasted it, it was totally out of standard ok! I wont bother recomending this to PY (who is an avid tomyum lover). Not even comparable with Sri Siam.

Fried Kangkong (RM5.50). In the program, it was said that the kangkong was only RM4 per plate. When I looked at the menu, the have increased the price. Guess they increased the price after changing its name and AFTER the program aired on TV.

Chicken Rendang (RM7.50). Two big chunk of meat. Should have cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier for people.

They charge 5% service charge. What the heck u mean by service charge??? There is no service at all! They served Nikky and boy boy's ice tea but never serve mine until I reminded them after 15 minutes. You raised your hand and no one bother to serve you! and you are charging service charge???

Note that I didnt comment on the taste? Coz I super disatisfied with the dinner that day. It wasnt so great, and it was not good at all! I will not go back to this restaurant anymore nor recommending it to anyone. Sorry to say.

Kafe Friendz
G001, Millenium Square,
Jln 14/1, Seksyen 14,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 79605715

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