Friday, August 7, 2009

Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh - PJ Old Town

Out sudden boy boy wanna eat Bak Kut Teh, so Nikky suggested the one in PJ Old Town. There we went. It was like 8.30pm already and the restaurant was still packed, we managed to find a table. When the lady boss came and ask for our order, we asked what she has to offer. Basically, whatever dishes she said, we took it. It was like:

"Pork ribs want?"
"How about pork belly?"
"Pork intestine?"
"Yao Char Kuey?"
"Tau fu pok"

Then we thought it was enough for 4 of us. Mana tahu when each bowls of the ingredients arrive, we were shocked. I think we over-ordered. Take a look at it also I am full already.

The right bowl is the pork belly. It is a definately must-order. The 'fats' and the 'thins' were distributed evenly and the portion was just nice. It was really chewy and I dont feel geli eating it at all (Normally I dont eat the fats). However, you might wanna omit the pork ribs as the bone were very big and not as nice as the belly.

We started with this:

Ended up like this:

And we were super full. It was like RM16 or RM18 per person. We should have just not order the pork ribs and one mushroom dish, then that would be just nice. Remember to stop yourselves from ordering too much coz the lady boss wont stop recommending it to you.

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