Sunday, August 2, 2009

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

Came out from Harry Potter movie feeling nothing. No disappointment, no excitement, dont know what to say also. Maybe the word 'boring'? Anyhow, I think all the adult roles in HP movie acted brilliantly.

Bellatrix has more screen time this time around. Helena Bonham Carter really fits into this role as a psychotic woman. She is really crazy. Her sister, Narcissa portrayed by Helen McCrory was really elegant, loving mother who is trying to save her son’s life. Helen was supposed to play Bellatrix role in the previous movie but has dropped out due to the pregnancy. She plays Narcissa really well here.

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy, the little evil in the making. No offense to him but I think he looks much handsome when he was young (the first 3 HP movies). Now he is getting uglier.

This young chap playing young Voldemort was really convincing le. His glare was so scary. Not bad for a young actor. Really has potential.

Harry, Ron and Hermione are young adults now and their acting skills have improved throughout the years. It felt like they have more ‘click’ and are comfortable in their role this time around.

Emma Watson has grown into a fine lady, I just keep on thinking her advertorial in the papers, superbly done.

Ron was the funniest of the lot, especially while he was being poisoned with Love Potion. I laughed like mad when he acted ‘ci ci’ and hugged Prof. Slughorn. At least Ron’s jokes were better than Leo in Transformer (I still couldn’t get over with his lame jokes). Not to forget his audition for goalkeeper in Quidditch time. Compared his action with McCormac, he looks dem doink la him.

Ron has some serious trouble with Lavender Brown. The person who plays Lavender was really into her character, like some psychotic stalker like that.

Daniel Radcliff is having a slow growth I think; all his acquaintances grow taller and bigger size than him. He is even shorter than Ginny! I think he has been building muscles over these years until he couldn’t grow taller.

Prof Horace Slughorn was really good. His dilemma whether to disclose his memory with Tom Riddle or not was really convincing. And his blur blur moves were cute too.

Alan Rickman was really getting into his role as the evil Prof Snape. I couldn’t think of other people playing Prof Snape besides Rickman. His cunning smile and evil eyes does all the talking.

The fighting scene at The Burrow was a waste of screen time, or was there a fighting scene? It was just meaningless to have that scene in (the book doesn’t have it). If the producer were to include a fighting scene to replace the fighting scene in the castle (which the book has), at least show some fighting scene between Lupin, Nymphadora, or Weasley with the Death Eaters la. It was utterly acceptable to me. Burned down The Burrow pulak, swt!

As a whole, it was quite a boring movie actually. But cannot blame the producer coz the book itself is the most boring one among the 7 books. Now, I am expecting the 7th movie to be in the cinema. However, it will be broken into 2 movies. One movie search for 2 horcruxes and the second movie search for the last and remaining one? And a showdown between the good and the bad? Hmm….what should I expect now….

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