Saturday, August 8, 2009

G.I. Joe

Boy boy got this free ticket from his uncle, so we went to One Utama GSC on Monday night to watch GI Joe. We wanted to watch 9pm show but left only first 5 rows. Luckily they have another show at 9.30pm, so we got the last 5th row seats.

But I warn you first, GSC One U Hall 9 seating arrangement sux big time. The screen was so high up and the seats were so straight until I have to tilt my head up and watch. My neck was super tired after watching it.

And the couple at the back of us don’t know do what until the girl kept on kicking my chair, dem her. Always I kena these type of uncivilized people in cinema. Wanna ‘play’ go out and ‘play’ la. If really wanna ‘play’ in cinema then don’t kick my chair for heaven’s sake. Idiots!

Ok, back to the movie. The movie was great, surprisingly. Maybe I didn’t have a lot of expectation and left my brain out. The movie was totally on par with Transformers I (not II) and Iron Man. It really doesn’t look like Terminators or mini-transfomers or Robocop. GI Joe has its own origin and its own weapons. Similar to Iron Man in a sense that the both the bad guys also a weapon maker. Similar to Robocop due to the ‘power suit’ that accelerates the Joes. Similar to Terminator because the cool gadgets. Other than that, nothing is in common.

Channing Tatum as Duke (lame character name). Erm, I don’t have many comments to say about him. He didn’t shine through the movie although he is the lead actor.

Marlon Wayans as Ripcord. He is one heck of a funny dude. He made the character look clumsy yet terror. With his own sense of humour, he did really good in this movie. I specifically remembered the one he and Duke are chasing for the baddies’ van with his ‘power suit’ on and crashed through the windows of the train, while Duke jumps over the train. I mean, literally he is funny when he is in his ‘power suit’ la. But him and Scarlett a couple (in the movie)??? Erm, looks strange to me.

Ray Park as Snake Eyes was so ‘yao yeng’ (macho). Too bad he covered up his face throughout the whole movie and didn’t even speak a word (Snake Eyes took a vow of silence after his master got killed). I super adore him as I love ninja! He is so cool! But I read from the web saying that Ray has to use more strength to move because his ‘suit’ was really hard, plus the thick gloves. Poor him.

Lee Byung Hun as Storm Shadow (Hmm, I think his nickname sound better than Snake Eyes), Snake’s rival. He performed really well too but I think he can act more evil than this. At least the character is not cover up. Their fighting scenes are choreographed really well, I opened my eyes big big with full concentration whevener these 2 characters fight. Kudos to the two kids (young Snake and young Storm) who fight brilliantly.
Rachel Nichols as Scarlett. I think all guys will look at her only coz her boobs are popping out. I like her fierry red hair though and I so gonna dye this color for my CNY (maybe not so red la, half tone of the red maybe). Scarlett is an Intelligent Expert in the team, when she talks about LOVE, she talks about quantum physics, how love cannot be quantified. SWT! Tough chick.

Sienna Miller as The Baroness. Woohoo, another babe to look out for coz her body is super hot! I think Sienna looks really good in dark brown hair rather than her original blond, her face features really shine through. She was also so ‘yao yeng’ with her two guns. Look at the speed she takes out the guns! Her specky is a must see too! Can be a sunglass as well as normal specs. So cool!

Look out for some cameo appearances in the movie. Did you spot Karolina kurkova??? Supermodel! One of Victoria Secret’s angels. Her look was really striking. Besides that, Brendan Fraser was there as Sergeant Stone (no wonder I thought he looks familiar), thinner a bit but his slang is still the same. Guess the director of The Mummy really like Brendan. Plus, the bad bald guy in The Mummy is in the movie too, the one who keep on whistling.

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This year, I have watched so many much-hyped movies (ie. Transformers II, HP6), and ended up so disappointed. As such, I left my brain out before going into GI Joe movie. I advise you to do so too. At the end, I enjoyed every single bits of this movie. This is a movie that satisfies my cravings for action-packed shows with some really good jokes and good gadgets. Best movie so far for this year.


karlota said...

enjoyed GI joe too.. i love it when scarlet was riding a motorbike.. she looks cool.

siewmun said...

Thanks for dropping by. Yup, scarlet is da bom!