Sunday, August 30, 2009

District 9

Since I heard lots of good review for this movie, I decided to tag boy boy along to watch it. I book the tickets through GSC website and we got the fifth row from the front (whole cinema only has 10 rows). Thinking that it might not be too bad, I just went ahead with the bookings.

The seats were really low, I have to look up to watch the movie. Half way through the movie, my stomach was churning and I felt like vomitting. Then only I realised the movie was shot in a shaky way (a little bit like blair witch project and Cloverfield). Why didnt my bro warn me about this??? If not I should have purchase the ticket only and choose the last row! (note: my bro said he did say the movie was a little bit like Cloverfield and I have forgotten about it)

I looked at boy boy, erm...he was ok. Going into second hour of the movie, I closed my eyes for most of the time as I felt my dinner was stucked at my throat there ready to come out anytime! Regreted eating too much sushi in Sushi Tei, I over-ordered. Ew.....suffering suffering. Almost wanna tell my boy boy that I will wait him outside the cinema. But I wanted to watch the ending. Nevertheless, I stayed until the end of the movie.

The story was about an alien space stopped above Johannesburg and no movement after 3 months. The people took the malnourish aliens and feed them in an area called District 9. The aliens are called 'prawns' by the locals.

20 years later, the government would like to locate them to District 10 (a new area), so Wikus was sent to pursuade the aliens to sign a relocation agreement. And there is where the story started. This character of Wikus was protrayed very well by Sharlto Copley (Peter Jackson uses all new faces). He really did bring out the sufferness and the innocentness of the character. Wikus has a very tough and sad journey after exposing to a liquid technology by the alien. I feel pity for him le. Sad ending too.

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The film was narrated in a documentary way where people narrated the history. It somehow was a bit confusing, mixing the past and future while narrating it. Quite an interesting way to film a movie.

Despite the shakiness of the camera (which they did it 'intentionally'), the movie was really good for a not-much-hype movie (not much advertistments right?). If you intend to watch it, please buy the last 2 rows of the seats. If not you might end up like a couple seating in front of us --> went out of the cinema after 45 minutes and never come back, or maybe like me --> nausea.

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