Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bibi Chik Restaurant - Seapark

Craving for Nyonya food since my gathering with secondary school friends in Sri Nyonya not long ago. Wanted to try out this Bibi Chik near boy boy's house. Once we entered, the restaurant was full, I didnt expect it to be full coz everytime I pass by, it was quite empty. They have a live performance by Uncle too. He sang all the oldies which suits my taste but not boy boy. Hehe.

Pie Tee. The ingredients were ok but the chilli was not up to par. It tasted like KFC Thai Chilli sauce, which doesnt suits pie tee.

Sago Melaka and Cendol. The sago melaka does not have shaved ice, it was served a bit cold and huge portion of sago. The sweetness was just nice.

Sambal brinjals. Too oily le this dish and the sambal was not good.

Chicken ponteh. It was served hot in a claypot. Luckily this dish doesnt disappoint. The herbs flavour was strong. The only bad point of this dish is that the chicken was too tough. But the flavour was good.

At least this satisfy my Nyonya food craving. Now I am craving for Japanese food.

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