Monday, August 31, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 12

A month ago, my family were chatting in the car. We were talking about other people's marriage. Then my sis suddenly said, "If cheh cheh get married, I cannot attend her wedding lor?" (My sis is going to Australia to study next year. Then I said, "I wait till you graduate from University then only I get married lor". (That would be three years later ya).

Once my mum heard the sentence, she said, "no need to wait three years one ma, you will come back during summer holidays every end of the year, ask your sis to plan the wedding dinner when you are back in Malaysia lor". Aiks, my mum so 'gan cheong' (nervous) tiem.

That was a month ago ok. Fast forward to today, I mean 'just now'. While I was writing my blog, my mum came in and sat on my bed. Suddenly she said, "you know ... actually you dont need to wait until your sis graduate only get married, you no need to wait for three years one you know". Swt, suddenly she talked about this. I said, "Erm.... ok.... three years actually is fine".

Then she asked, "when does you and scott plan to get married? Both of you all got plan or not one? You think once you say that you wanna get married, you can get married straight away is it? What is your plan? When you wanna get married?"

Erm... "You wanna marry me off already is it?"
"no la, if you dont wanna get marry, of coz you dont need to, you can stay here as long as you want".
"another 2 years la then I get married lor".
"But if you are not ready then is ok wo".

My mum ar, suddenly so excited hinting me to marry early. I think she wanna be a grandmother already. Thinking that Ning Ning is so cute to play with.

So, Scott Lim Tze Benn, when you plan to marry me??? My mum gives you the green light already.

Tiny Thoughts # 11

You know ar, this boy boy really wanna 'cari maut' (die) with me. That day before the District 9 movie, we went to Sushi Tei for dinner. We were seated side by side along the conveyer belt. While eating, he looked at me and said, "your eyes there got wrinkles".

SWT! You dont comment your gf like that ok???? The most unmentionable sentence to a gf! If you say my eyes are pretty then is fine! But you dont say my eyes got wrinkles! By the way, they are called 'fine lines', not wrinkles.

Then, I tried to regain my composure, said that, "yalor, you wanna wait untill I got lots of wrinkles on my face, then only you wanna marry me is it? I wanna look pretty in the wedding photos wo, you fast fast marry me la".

"Ok then, we get married la"

"No ring no marry".

So he searched his pockets as if he is trying to find a ring. Then, he took out 20 cents, "nah, marry me la". I so wanna slap him ok. Pissed.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Asian Food House Restaurant - Damansara Uptown

Again another night of finding place for dinner. Nikky suggested to round round Damansara Uptown and see which restaurant looks decent then we go eat lor. So we ended up at this place. They say that they are specialized in Taiwan snacks and cruisine but when you browse through the menu, they offer Japanese, Korean, SzeChuan and Taiwan food.

Crispy Seafood Tofu (RM8.80). This dish was really good.

Peppermint Milk Tea (RM5 for small), Papaya Milk Tea (RM5 for small) and Honey Green Milk Tea (RM7.50 for large). Additional RM1.20 for bubble. Very expensive la for a drink! Nikky's papaya milk tea doesnt taste papaya also, it looks like chocolate milk tea though. Haha.

Taiwanese Fried Pork Chop (RM7.80). The stewed tofu and egg was sweet. The pork chop was crispy and it was not oily at all. But I was a bit disappointed that the rice was not served with stew minced meat, which is Taiwan signature dish. Sigh. The soup was tasteless.

Beef Stew (RM12) + RM1.50 for white rice. Suyin said it was nice.

Beef Noodle Soup (RM8.80). Nikky said it was nice at first then towards the end, he felt that it was too sweet.

Taiwanese Pork Stew Rice (RM9.80). Boy boy's one standard.

We saw an advert on the table promoting the Japanese restaurant beside called Wasabi. Then we asked is it the same owner, the waitress said one of the owner here owns Wasabi and we can order the food there if we want. So, we opted for another promotion item: Handroll for RM1 each.

This shop is good in the sense that they offer different range of food here. So it caters for wide range of customers out there. Dont forget they charge 10% service charge ya.

After the dinner, we went to Baskin Robbins and take away one pint size ice cream at 31% off for dessert.

Asian Food House Restaurant
38, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya
(Same row as Baskin Robbins Uptown)

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen - TTDI

The night before, Suyin mentioned to me about this Popeye. She said the side dishes are very good then Nikky added on by saying the biscuit was tasty. So, the next day, we went to try this place out in TTDI (they have a branch in Sunway Pyramid too).

I ordered Chicken tenders set. Actually the tata sauce is for boy boy's fish set. The chicken was tasteless but it was not oily though. That's the biscuit that Nikky craves for. To me, it was very salty le, the texture is similar to English scones but it was harder a bit. I prefer Starbucks scones (sweet). If you likes salty biscuit, this might be your favourite.
Nikky ordered fish burger.

Boy boy's fish took quite awhile to serve, I think is 15 minutes waiting time. Once he took the first bite, he said it was extremely salty and got the fishy taste.

So, he took out the whole skin and ate the fish only.

The set comes with coleslaw and mashed potato. Boy boy said the coleslaw was not bad but I prefer KFC's version. But the mashed potato was really good, it has some herbs and a tiny bits of chicken chunks in it. No other outlet serves better mashed potato than Popeye's.

I dont think I will come back for the chicken anymore except I will be back to take away the mashed potato in big size.

District 9

Since I heard lots of good review for this movie, I decided to tag boy boy along to watch it. I book the tickets through GSC website and we got the fifth row from the front (whole cinema only has 10 rows). Thinking that it might not be too bad, I just went ahead with the bookings.

The seats were really low, I have to look up to watch the movie. Half way through the movie, my stomach was churning and I felt like vomitting. Then only I realised the movie was shot in a shaky way (a little bit like blair witch project and Cloverfield). Why didnt my bro warn me about this??? If not I should have purchase the ticket only and choose the last row! (note: my bro said he did say the movie was a little bit like Cloverfield and I have forgotten about it)

I looked at boy boy, erm...he was ok. Going into second hour of the movie, I closed my eyes for most of the time as I felt my dinner was stucked at my throat there ready to come out anytime! Regreted eating too much sushi in Sushi Tei, I over-ordered. Ew.....suffering suffering. Almost wanna tell my boy boy that I will wait him outside the cinema. But I wanted to watch the ending. Nevertheless, I stayed until the end of the movie.

The story was about an alien space stopped above Johannesburg and no movement after 3 months. The people took the malnourish aliens and feed them in an area called District 9. The aliens are called 'prawns' by the locals.

20 years later, the government would like to locate them to District 10 (a new area), so Wikus was sent to pursuade the aliens to sign a relocation agreement. And there is where the story started. This character of Wikus was protrayed very well by Sharlto Copley (Peter Jackson uses all new faces). He really did bring out the sufferness and the innocentness of the character. Wikus has a very tough and sad journey after exposing to a liquid technology by the alien. I feel pity for him le. Sad ending too.

picture credited to

The film was narrated in a documentary way where people narrated the history. It somehow was a bit confusing, mixing the past and future while narrating it. Quite an interesting way to film a movie.

Despite the shakiness of the camera (which they did it 'intentionally'), the movie was really good for a not-much-hype movie (not much advertistments right?). If you intend to watch it, please buy the last 2 rows of the seats. If not you might end up like a couple seating in front of us --> went out of the cinema after 45 minutes and never come back, or maybe like me --> nausea.

Seoul Garden - IOI Mall

Seoul Garden serves buffet in Korean style. It is priced at RM25.80++ per pax and additional RM4++ for free flow of soft drink. Once I hear the 'additional RM4', I was a bit skpetical about this restaurant. You offer buffet style food but you dont offer drinks?? What nonsense? With the addtional RM4 include drinks, that would mark up the pricing to be RM30++ per pax which is a bit expensive lor.

Luckily we walked one round to take a look at the food before deciding to have a try. We saw they have shave ice with lots of ingredients you can mix. So our first strategy was to make our very own ABC as our 'drinks'. Yup, you guess it right, we didnt add the additional RM4. That's our free flow of 'drink' - shave ice with laici, sea coconut, syrup and milk. Boy boy mixed it very well, it tasted not too sweet, just nice.

There are four types of soup you can choose from: Herbal soup, Ginseng chicken, Kimchi soup and tomyum soup. We took the tomyum soup and ginseng chicken soup. The tomyum was really spicy but it has no taste to it except spicy.

Ginseng chicken soup was normal, no ginseng taste also.

Our raw ingredients for bbq. You can request them to change the soup and the hot plate to a new one if you want. There have a wide range of meat: chicken, beef, sotong, lamb etc all in few different flavours. I love the marinated beef that they offer, I forgotten what is the name of the beef, but i know all of it also tasted good. The best chicken was the bulgogi chicken, I ate quite a lot of it.

Fish balls and other ingredients for your steamboat. Calvin took a lot of lala (clams) for steamboat, the lala was full of sand. When he called the waiter to wash it, the waiter never come back with the plate of lala. I was wondering whether he understood what Calvin was trying to say.

All and all, it was quite ok for lunch or dinner. The only disadvantage is that the oil will fly here and there when you wanna barbeque your ingredients. So, do expect some stingy feeling on your hand when bbq-ing, nevertheless, the stingy just last one second only.

Similar concept with Restaurant Telepon, but Seoul Garden has air con and much condusive environment to dine in. Should give a try to this restaurant but cannot eat too often. One year once is ok.

They have another branch in One Utama, located near the Mong Kok Char Char Teng there. You have to walk straight into a quiet corner.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This mask is not that mask!

Recieved this sms from Yen:

"anyone need to buy mask? just to share with u guys i can get 1 box (50 pcs) at RM28. My office is using, or u guys can get cheaper then let me know loh..."

Fuiyoh! 50 pcs of mask for RM28? VERY CHEAP WO. 50 pcs of mask can last me for months, even I use it twice weekly, the box can last me 25 weeks = 6 months! Worth a try ma.

So, I texted her back:

"What brand is it? how many type of mask u have?" (Of coz I need to know the brand first right before I use it?)

A while later, I recieved this:

"not face 1 woh... is for mouth anti-virus 1... haha..."

Kafe Friendz - Millenium Square

Saw ChuiLing's One Day Five Meals tv program, recommending this restaurant called iThai, that has this fusion concept of Italian and Thai food. The price was really good too! And is located in Seksyen 14 Milennium Square. I thought I know where is it, but it was not. From that place, we have to use boy boy's GPS to find it. Is near the ruined Jaya there.

This square is quite new and quite empty. When we were inside there, we walked on the ground floor, first floor then second floor (second floor has nothing) and we couldnt find iThai. At that moment, I hate myself for not doing enough research on this restaurant before I come. It was just a 2 storey building and is not that big, really impossible to locate a restaurant! The program just came out last week and it cant be closed down after that!

Then while waiting for Nikky to call his sis to surf the internet for this iThai, suddenly he pointed us to a banner stating: iThai has become Friendz. Swt! The sentence was so dem small ok. Ok, we found it after 15 minutes in that dem square.

When we walked into the restaurant, it was quite packed, and I felt a tense moment among the customers, so I surveyed their tables as I walked pass, most of them doesnt have food on their table yet. Erm...ok, I sensed something is really wrong that time. But I was super hungry already, cant find any other nice restaurant in that square.

We ordered at 8.45pm (which was AFTER peak hour already and I assumed the food would be served fast), and the food arrived at 9.45pm. Eat supper meh! Between that time, we saw a few tables complaining already. An aunty went and scolded the waiter. And I saw the boss (Yup, I saw him during ChuiLing's interview) walked here walked there, pretending to be busy and ignoring all our handwaves. What a lousy service, even the boss himself!

I ordered Som Tum as appetizer, and after 15 minutes, this waiter came out and told us it was finished, then I changed to Mango Kerabu, again after 10 minutes, he came out and told us it was finished. The third time I changed, he again came out after 5 minutes and told me it was finished. I was quite pissed at that time. And we ordered another meat dish.

Pad Grapow Chicken (RM7.50). Tom Yum Seafood (RM10). The special guest of ChuiLing's program praised this dish so much. When I tasted it, it was totally out of standard ok! I wont bother recomending this to PY (who is an avid tomyum lover). Not even comparable with Sri Siam.

Fried Kangkong (RM5.50). In the program, it was said that the kangkong was only RM4 per plate. When I looked at the menu, the have increased the price. Guess they increased the price after changing its name and AFTER the program aired on TV.

Chicken Rendang (RM7.50). Two big chunk of meat. Should have cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier for people.

They charge 5% service charge. What the heck u mean by service charge??? There is no service at all! They served Nikky and boy boy's ice tea but never serve mine until I reminded them after 15 minutes. You raised your hand and no one bother to serve you! and you are charging service charge???

Note that I didnt comment on the taste? Coz I super disatisfied with the dinner that day. It wasnt so great, and it was not good at all! I will not go back to this restaurant anymore nor recommending it to anyone. Sorry to say.

Kafe Friendz
G001, Millenium Square,
Jln 14/1, Seksyen 14,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 79605715

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Belanga - Mid Valley

Had a girls' noon out with Nicole. We went to Mid Valley for some shopping. Nicole wanted to try this Malay restaurant. Since I have no problem eating Malay food, I agreed with her.

Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik (RM15.90). The portion was quite big. It came with a quarter of chicken and a bowl of rice, cracker, quarter boiled egg and some shredded vege. The sauce of the chicken was superb! It has some mayonaise taste but not exactly mayonaise, and some spice. Woop! I never tasted anything like this before. No wonder the restaurant was full house.

Mee Bandung (RM13.90).It came in a big portion too. A tad too spicy for me but still acceptable. The sauce was not watery, it was just nice. Quite a unique taste for a person who eat mee bandung for the first time (which is me!).

I could go back to this restaurant next time to try out their our dishes. Since the chicken was sooo nice, I cant wait to try their other version of chicken or beef!

Nicole belanja me makan. Thanks Nic!

Restaurant Hong Kong - Kepong

After the lunch in Okuchi, we wanted to continue our chatting. Sharon suggested Dessert Bar in Tropicana. But when we reached there, there was no parking at all! People have to park at the road side, which is really risky, scare kena saman. So Jackie remembered that day a flyer was talking about this dessert shop in Kepong, "Tien Pan Koh Koh". So there we went to venture to Kepong, near Careforre area, not knowing the exact location. And we found it!

Once I entered the shop, it was full of durian smell! Warning, if your friend dont like durian, please dont bring them here. Jackie and Sharon was so crazy about durian, no surprise if they ordered this durian pancake (RM6). I didnt take it, not in the mood for durian le. But according to them, it was really nice. Once it entered your mouth, the durian taste doesnt stay long.
Mango Pancake (RM5). They preferred the durian version.

Red dates with aloe vera (RM6.50).

Glutinous rice ball in Almond soup (RM7 for big bowl).

Glutinous rice ball with ginger soup (RM5.50). It came with 6 huge rice ball with 2 type of flavours: Peanut and black sesame. Both also tasted really good. The ginger soup was really spicy. I prefer this version compared to one in My Honeymoon.

They are opening a branch in SS2 in September. I will go and eat their glutinuous rice ball again.

Restaurant Hong Kong

D-G-6, Jalan Metro Perdana,

Taman Usahwan, Kepong.

Okuchi Japanese Restaurant - Dataran Sunway

Had a gathering with Sharon and Jackie. Round n round Dataran Sunway and decided to try out this Japanese restaurant. According to Sharon, this is the one and only Japanese restaurant in this area.

We went in at 1.34pm and there was only one table occupied. We were served a small bowl of appetizer each. It was marinated potatoes, carrot and some chicken. The marination was so flavourful wei, tasted really good. Too bad, it was just a small bowl, I can eat 3 bowls of it!

Nabeyaki Udon (RM19). Nowadays, I am so into Nabeyaki Udon since I first ate in Sushi Tei in Tropicana Mall. The claypot was a bit small, resulted in a lesser soup. I drank the whole bowl but felt that it was not enough for me. The taste was ok ok only, I still prefer the one in Sushi Tei.
Sharon ordered a set that comes with soba with beef, sushi roll, miso soup, and fruits. Of coz she finished the whole set herself coz she is eating for two!

Jackie ordered soba as well (RM18). I think this restaurant likes to put lots of seaweed in their dishes le. Too much of it will make the soup have one kind of smell le.

Little Taiwan and Honeymoon - One Utama

Gave boy boy options to choose which restaurant to dine in, he chose Little Taiwan.

Mango sago (RM6 I think). Dont be fooled by the picture, the portion was actually quite small (real small for that type of pricing). But luckily its shaved ice was not just plain ice, it was mango shaved ice, it has mango taste in it.

Toast bread with color beans (RM8.90). A real geli thing to eat. The bread was really oily coz it was deep fried. The ingredients were yucky. Blek. Waste my money.

Noodle soup with dumpling (RM12). The soup and noodle was nothing to shout about but the dumplings were really good. Lots of ginger slice in it.

While waiting for the food, I was playing with boy boy's phone.

Then this boy boy so naughty until he took me at a different angle resulted the photo below. Dem sui right?

Now since I am craving for Tong Yuen (Glutinous rice balls), we decided to try this new shop out - My Honeymoon. Its range for desserts were more than 200 types, the menu was quite thick as well, from cold to hot, you named it, they have it. But I wonder why no people in this restaurant, maybe too pricey for a dessert?

Tau Fu Fa with aloe vera (RM6). The tau fu fa was not really smooth but eaten with aloe vera, it tasted quite fresh. The portion was big as well. To me, the tau fu fa was not sweet enough.

3 sweetness glutinous rice ball (RM7). It came with 6 balls with 3 types of flavours: Peanut, black sesame and custard. The black sesame was the best among all. The other 2 really was bad. The glutinous rice ball was really soft and chewy. The ginger soup was not that 'spicy'.Will go back to try out the durian pancake since boy boy wanna eat it. We didnt take it that day coz we were going to watch GI Joe after that, will make the cinema smell of durian.

Bibi Chik Restaurant - Seapark

Craving for Nyonya food since my gathering with secondary school friends in Sri Nyonya not long ago. Wanted to try out this Bibi Chik near boy boy's house. Once we entered, the restaurant was full, I didnt expect it to be full coz everytime I pass by, it was quite empty. They have a live performance by Uncle too. He sang all the oldies which suits my taste but not boy boy. Hehe.

Pie Tee. The ingredients were ok but the chilli was not up to par. It tasted like KFC Thai Chilli sauce, which doesnt suits pie tee.

Sago Melaka and Cendol. The sago melaka does not have shaved ice, it was served a bit cold and huge portion of sago. The sweetness was just nice.

Sambal brinjals. Too oily le this dish and the sambal was not good.

Chicken ponteh. It was served hot in a claypot. Luckily this dish doesnt disappoint. The herbs flavour was strong. The only bad point of this dish is that the chicken was too tough. But the flavour was good.

At least this satisfy my Nyonya food craving. Now I am craving for Japanese food.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

G.I. Joe

Boy boy got this free ticket from his uncle, so we went to One Utama GSC on Monday night to watch GI Joe. We wanted to watch 9pm show but left only first 5 rows. Luckily they have another show at 9.30pm, so we got the last 5th row seats.

But I warn you first, GSC One U Hall 9 seating arrangement sux big time. The screen was so high up and the seats were so straight until I have to tilt my head up and watch. My neck was super tired after watching it.

And the couple at the back of us don’t know do what until the girl kept on kicking my chair, dem her. Always I kena these type of uncivilized people in cinema. Wanna ‘play’ go out and ‘play’ la. If really wanna ‘play’ in cinema then don’t kick my chair for heaven’s sake. Idiots!

Ok, back to the movie. The movie was great, surprisingly. Maybe I didn’t have a lot of expectation and left my brain out. The movie was totally on par with Transformers I (not II) and Iron Man. It really doesn’t look like Terminators or mini-transfomers or Robocop. GI Joe has its own origin and its own weapons. Similar to Iron Man in a sense that the both the bad guys also a weapon maker. Similar to Robocop due to the ‘power suit’ that accelerates the Joes. Similar to Terminator because the cool gadgets. Other than that, nothing is in common.

Channing Tatum as Duke (lame character name). Erm, I don’t have many comments to say about him. He didn’t shine through the movie although he is the lead actor.

Marlon Wayans as Ripcord. He is one heck of a funny dude. He made the character look clumsy yet terror. With his own sense of humour, he did really good in this movie. I specifically remembered the one he and Duke are chasing for the baddies’ van with his ‘power suit’ on and crashed through the windows of the train, while Duke jumps over the train. I mean, literally he is funny when he is in his ‘power suit’ la. But him and Scarlett a couple (in the movie)??? Erm, looks strange to me.

Ray Park as Snake Eyes was so ‘yao yeng’ (macho). Too bad he covered up his face throughout the whole movie and didn’t even speak a word (Snake Eyes took a vow of silence after his master got killed). I super adore him as I love ninja! He is so cool! But I read from the web saying that Ray has to use more strength to move because his ‘suit’ was really hard, plus the thick gloves. Poor him.

Lee Byung Hun as Storm Shadow (Hmm, I think his nickname sound better than Snake Eyes), Snake’s rival. He performed really well too but I think he can act more evil than this. At least the character is not cover up. Their fighting scenes are choreographed really well, I opened my eyes big big with full concentration whevener these 2 characters fight. Kudos to the two kids (young Snake and young Storm) who fight brilliantly.
Rachel Nichols as Scarlett. I think all guys will look at her only coz her boobs are popping out. I like her fierry red hair though and I so gonna dye this color for my CNY (maybe not so red la, half tone of the red maybe). Scarlett is an Intelligent Expert in the team, when she talks about LOVE, she talks about quantum physics, how love cannot be quantified. SWT! Tough chick.

Sienna Miller as The Baroness. Woohoo, another babe to look out for coz her body is super hot! I think Sienna looks really good in dark brown hair rather than her original blond, her face features really shine through. She was also so ‘yao yeng’ with her two guns. Look at the speed she takes out the guns! Her specky is a must see too! Can be a sunglass as well as normal specs. So cool!

Look out for some cameo appearances in the movie. Did you spot Karolina kurkova??? Supermodel! One of Victoria Secret’s angels. Her look was really striking. Besides that, Brendan Fraser was there as Sergeant Stone (no wonder I thought he looks familiar), thinner a bit but his slang is still the same. Guess the director of The Mummy really like Brendan. Plus, the bad bald guy in The Mummy is in the movie too, the one who keep on whistling.

Pictures credited to

This year, I have watched so many much-hyped movies (ie. Transformers II, HP6), and ended up so disappointed. As such, I left my brain out before going into GI Joe movie. I advise you to do so too. At the end, I enjoyed every single bits of this movie. This is a movie that satisfies my cravings for action-packed shows with some really good jokes and good gadgets. Best movie so far for this year.