Monday, July 6, 2009

Majlis Kecemerlangan 2009

Do you miss your secondary school after so many years? In fact, I miss abit. Luckily I have a sis who is 9 years younger than me, and attended that same school as me. And she obtained 9As for her SPM, the school invited her back for a certificate presentation - Majlis Kecemerlangan 2009. I did not plan to go until that very morning, my mum woke me up and my dad asked me to follow them since I have nothing to do.

So last minute, I didnt know what to wear, I grab my dress and went out. In the car only I noticed that my dress is a bit too short. Die la like that, if they dont let me go in then how ar? Malunya. I should have wore a jeans and a top. Sigh. Too late already since they were in a bit of rush.

My school has formed a Lion Dance Club, not bad huh. I was hoping that they would really show us lion dance. After the whole drumming session, the lion still didnt appear. When I asked my sis later, she said she found it weird also as previously there would be a lion dance in any of the occasion. Disappointed me.

There is the new headmaster. He speaks very good command of English.

Choir group.

My sis and Pn Wong, my beloved Chemistry teacher. My biology and physic teacher has all retired.

After today, there is no more reason / chance for me to go back to Seaport already. Too bad. Sooner or later Pn Wong still have to retire, and I dont know anymore teacher already. Cant see any PBSM teachers or members also, that proves how old am I since graduated from secondary school.

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