Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Wanted to watch Transformers again on Wednesday, coz the ticket is cheap. Then boy boy asked whether is there any other movie to watch, then I said Ice Age. I didn’t aspect that he will agree with this movie as he don’t watch animated movies. Surprisingly he said OK, coz his friends said the movie was very funny. So I bought tickets online for GSC Tropicana City Mall. Wanna try out the new GSC cinema.

There was only 4 to 5 people lining up for tickets. The crowd was not there. I was thinking that next time I should come here as the location and parking is convenient. Plus, the cinema is new, toilet is clean. The only bad thing was the movie supposing starts at 8.45pm. But they didn’t show any adverts or previews until 9pm. Bored me for 15 minutes.

I think I have watched some of the scenes from Ice Age 1 and 2, didn’t really finish the whole movie though. But after watching this Ice Age 3, it was really good. At least the jokes were much better than Transformers ‘drunken’ lady (my sis called her that) or that Leo.

The story was about Sid ‘The Sloth’ has stolen 3 T-rex eggs, T-rex mama came and find him and bring them back to the dinosaur era, which was hidden below the ice age. The gang of friends, Manny and Ellie ‘The mammoth’, Diego ‘The Tiger’, Crash and Eddie ‘The Possums’ venture into the dinosaur world to bring Sid back. In that world, they met Buck ‘The Weasel’, a new cast to the film.

The gazelle which Diego chased was hilarious! I laughed my stomach out of it. Diego was unable to catch up with the gazelle as it already aged and lack of hunting, or maybe lack of stamina.

Sid and Manny was getting a little bit boring to me.

Luckily the movie producer added in Buck, a new fresh of blood in the movie. After half way through the movie, I noticed that Buck is mimicking Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean). Buck’s talk, walk, action reflects that of Captain JS.

The scene where they are crossing the poisonous valley was entertaining. The way they joked, they way each and every one of them laughed simultaneously, superb!

Another new character being introduced to the movie: Peaches! baby mammoth. She is so adorable.

Scrat ‘The squirrel’ has more screen time in this movie. My sis told me that he only appears at the start and end of the film. But in this movie, he appeared almost every 15minutes. And he has a new girlfriend (Scratte) aka nemesis this time! Both of them gunning for the same acorn and has trillions of ideas to get to the acorn. The best part was Scratte open her ‘wings’ and glides like a flying squirrel and Scrat pull his own fresh to act like ‘wings’. Another funny scene was both of them in the bubble part.

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The storyline was so-so only but the most importing thing is that I enjoyed the movie very much. Now, I wanna watch Ice Age 1 and 2.

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