Sunday, July 26, 2009

Genting Trip

Nikky organized a trip to Genting last month. The group of them (Nikky couple, Kwei couple, Yweng couple and my bro) went for an early dimsum breakfast. They reached Genting at 11am and proceeded to the Theme Park.

I, on the other hand, have to wait till boy boy finishes his work at 1pm then only we start our journey to Genting. At first he asked me to go up with Kwei they all to play in the Theme Park, but I didn’t do so as I need to teman him while he is driving up the mountain. I scare later he fall asleep then ‘diverted’ his route.

When we reached First World hotel at 3pm, they were just checking in to the hotel, which was exactly a good timing. Then all of them straight lie down on the sofa or the bed, looking really tired. But 3 of them suffered from the aftermath of the Theme Park.

Victim of Spinning Cup:I asked my bro whether Theme Park nice or not, he said it was nice until the last part when they play the ‘Cup’. Nikky spinned the cup too fast until my bro also has headache. When they showed me the video clip of the cup, I laughed like mad (cant post it here coz my bro will kill me).

Three TALL and NOT-SO-YOUNG guys (Nikky, Yweng and my bro) squeezed into a TINY RIBENA cup, legs also don’t know where to put (look at their legs in the picture), then the music haven’t even started, Nikky started to spin the cup already. Then my bro was in this ‘trying to physco people’ position (2 hands covering the side of his forehead) screaming Nikky to stop the cup. The audience was laughing at them, even the operator was laughing at these three guys. They suspect the operator enjoyed their expression so much until he prolonged the ride. Poor my bro (look at him).

Victim of Sorello ShockKwei sat the Sorello Shock until he terseliuh his neck. I asked how come like that. He sat he didn’t sit straight while the Sorello Shock dropped down. The impact made his neck bone dislocate a bit. So that whole night, he cant move his head around, too stiff already, only can look in front. Poor him.

Victim of Pirate ShipOn another hand, Michelle was not feeling quite well too after the Pirate Ship adventure. She underestimated the ship. She sat at the end there and she didn’t expect it flung until so high. But hor, the ship kept flying higher and higher until she has this nausea feeling. They think the operator make fun of them by making the boat flung higher.

Hmmm…. I think the operators in the Theme Park enjoyed their presence there. They must be thinking, “Please come back and visit Genting Theme Park, we will give a hell of a ride!”.

After resting for awhile, we went for a late lunch (almost like early dinner already) in Pizza Hut. After the lunch, we proceeded to the Genting Casino. First time entering there, really excited. Lose RM25 there then I dont dare to gamble liao. Scardy cat le me. Hahaha. 2 hours later, we proceeded to have dinner inside the casino. RM28++ for set plus free flow of soup and salad. The chops werent bad actually. The best part was the mushroom sauce that was really rich in mushroom, not to mention that the sauce are free flow too.

After the dinner, we went back to the hotel room. Suppose to give Nikky a surprise Birthday party. Suyin kept on asking him to take a bath so that she can prepare the ‘necessary’ things, but he refused. Then she got no choice and use Scott to ‘lure’ Nikky out. Scott took the kettle and asked Nikky to teman him and go out to collect hot water (First World hotel has water dispenser outside the corridor). Nikky was suspicious but he went with Scott. Brilliant idea right? It was Suyin’s idea.

We took out the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, which was half melted (stupid First World minibar, not cold at all!). Suyin looked disappointed, then I said never mind lor, we are all friends here, we wont mind one, most of all, Nikky wont mind also (hor Nikky?).

So, before they came in, we lit the candles (did we light up the candles? I was so sleepy until I didn’t notice) and switched off the lights. Once Nikky came in, he was shocked (but he half expected it already, he claimed la). Then we sang birthday song. When we wanna cut the cake only we realized that BB didn’t give us a knife! Swt. So, we use our spoons (provided by BB, so nice of them) to scoop out the ice cream cake lor. Despite the look, it tasted really nice! The cake and the ice cream were blended nicely and compliment each other taste. Although it was a bit expensive, but I think it really worth the price!

When we were chatting after eating the cake, suddenly, the lights for the room and the toilet went off, left the corridor lamp. Yweng went and open the door, the corridor outside was well-lit. I suspect is only our room’s light short circuited. Then, Nikky, my bro and Suyin called the receptionist every 10 minutes. I have lost count how many time they called. At first, they said they will send someone to fix it. That ‘someone’ didn’t appear. At last, the manager called us back and said will arrange another room for us. For that, we have to wait another 20 minutes to wait for the bellboy to come up.

We have been in the dark (or maybe DIM is the right) environment for like 1 hour plus. It was 11pm and I was so dem sleepy. But I have not bath yet! Toilet no lights how to bath??? If leave the toilet door open, when the bell boy comes, then how??? So, I just washed my face, brushed my teeth and apply moisturizer to prepare to go to bed.

Another 30 minutes, we were escorted to another room (just a few rooms apart). The blackout was good in the sense that we don’t need to clean up our mess after the celebration.
The next day, we went to the Casino again. This time I didn’t gamble, I just walked around see see look look. At one particular table, Nikky wanted to play Pontoon (21 points), and there was an empty space. When he wanna sit down, the aunty stopped him from sitting down, asked him not to kacau the flow of the cards. WTH! Aunty! You rent the whole table already meh??? cannot let people sit down pulak, you open one ar the casino!

The following round, the dealer sapu all their cards (all 5 of them also lose money). Padan muka! Then one aunty commented that because of Nikky's interuption, the dealer distrbutes the cards late, that's why lose money. Swt. Like that also can ar??? You wanna name your surname after AL's surname is it???

So, we went to gamble 'Big & Small' which has 50/50 chances of winning money. Boy boy gave me RM50 to gamble, as I believe he brings me luck, so I must use his money to gamble. No doubt, at first I was winning a little bit, then I bought #14. First round didnt come out (it came out #13, so I bought #14 the second round, dont know why I insisted that number. Ting Ting Ting! #14 column's light was shining! Whoa, I kena 1 pay 12 = RM10 x 12 = RM120. So I took the money and left the table. Yay, won the money to pay the hotel's fee. Boy boy won RM100, so equal back to his losing on the day before.

Left Genting happily. I really cant believe my luck.

P/S: Photos took from Michelle's facebook.
PP/S: Who has the baskin robbin cake photo, please give me so that I can upload it here.

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