Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant - Teluk Gong

Out of nowhere suddenly my bro suggested to go to Teluk Gong to eat dinner. Then I looked at my driver, he agreed as well. Wah, really so excited meh. It has been a long time that I didnt go to Teluk Gong and have dinner, I think around 3 years. So, we picked up Nikky and there we went, all the way to Klang.

Oat Mantis Prawn (RM10). No money to order prawn (not no money la, just wanna jimat a bit to eat crab, hehe), so we ordered mantis prawn. My bro reminded us that CF buttered prawn is the curry powder type, not nice one. So we ordered this oat mantis prawn. First time eating this type of flavour which was quite unique to me, it tasted good actually. The oats gave some sweetness to this dish but not too sweet.

Curry Fish (RM15). Super craving for curry fish head that two days. After we ordered curry fish, we were suspecting whether CF serves the dry version of curry or the claypot version of curry. In my heart, I wish they serve the claypot version as I was craving to drink the curry. Luckily, it came in a claypot. The fish was fresh and the vege was a lot as well. However, the taste was not up to my standard, it tasted quite bland.

Lala Beehoon (RM10). This portion was just nice for 4 person. This version was better than the one in Lala Chong Subang. CF version has more 'wok hei' and has a stronger taste. Even my bro agreed with me. But of coz the lala was not as many as the one in Lala Chong Subang lor.

Baby Potato Leaves (RM6).

Mammy Crab (RM32). The crabs were fresh. The only thing is that they didnt crack a bit for us, we have use the hammer and tok tok tok open it, which was a bit not stylish to see. Hehe. This flavour was ok only.

The food here were really cheap, exclude the petrol charges le. But the crabs were not cheap lor to me. Definately worth visiting another time if my driver gets excited again. Oh ya, dont forget CF charges 5% government tax. Fuiyoh, imagine how much they earn annually.

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