Monday, July 6, 2009

Bkk D4: Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Tony Romas

After the massage, we walked to Siam Paragon to hunt for Tony Romas. Another target meal in Bangkok as Malaysia's TR only serve beef ribs but TR in bangkok serves Pork ribs. So, is definately must try.

We walked pass Siam Center. And boy boy camwhored. You soooo really wanna punch him in his face when you look at his expression.

Trying to camwhore himself again, but took my picture instead. He only manage to camwhore his own arms in this picture. Dear, you need to practice a lot before you do camwhoring le. [he is soooo gonna kill me]

After the Siam Center, the next building would be Siam Paragon.

Walked straight towards Tony Romas.

I think boy boy really like to take pictures with his newly-bought fedora hat. He is so in-love with his fedora hat.

Potato Skin (around 230B), served with pork bacon and cheese. A version that you could not find in Malaysia, plus boy boy could not eat Malaysian version as he cannot take beef. The cheese was overflowing the skin and it was really cheesy. The bacon tasted great and crispy. However, the potato skin was too thin and it somehow was not so crispy.

Pork Ribs (I think it costs 480B). When this was served, I was a bit disappointed at the portion of side dishes. Look at the pathetically little coleslaw and fries! I compared it to Malaysia's TR as they served mountain of fries. The ribs were great and the portion was too small for sharing. The meat was tender and it fell off from the ribs. The marination was something unique, I tasted a tint of alcohol inside.

Best eaten with hands!

TR in Bangkok was a bit pricier than Malaysia's one, and the portion is smaller. I would not return second time for TR in Bangkok since I have tried their pork ribs this time. I would rather save the money and spend it on Somboon!

That's all for my Bangkok trip, hope you guys enjoy reading it.

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