Monday, July 6, 2009

Bkk D4: Relaxation Massage & Spa

After a real tiring third day, we look forward to a good massage on the last day of Bangkok. We went to MBK to search for massage center (since the one near our hotel was below expectation). We walked around and I realised that I didnt even plan to tailor make a suit since there is so many tailors offering good promotion. The shops can finsih it within 8 hours, some 12 hours for the price of USD299 which is a very good offers for 2 suits plus something else. Wasted man!

In MBK, not many massage center offers Oil Massage, which I am targeting for. Most of the shops are limited to Thai massage / foot massage as they do not have enough space for private rooms. I do not want Thai massage as we had twice since we arrived in Bangkok. We walked for 1 hour and still could not manage to find a shop that offers oil massage. We walked to the information counter and ask for massage center. The lady recommended us this: Relaxation.

So happened that the shop was having promotion: 650B discount until 590B for 1 hour oil massage. I still think that Bangkok massage is quite expensive compared to Phuket. In Phuket, I think I can find 500B for 2 hours oil massage). Since we were quite tired of walking and desperately need a massage and we still have exta money, we decided to splurge on this (To me, it considered 'splurge' as I didnt buget so much for massage).

We were escorted into a private space. See the curtains in the picture below? We were inside there.

Boy boy was escorted into the room beside me. The lady handed me 2 packet, 1 is shower cap and 1 is paper panty. Now, the problem arrised. I know shower cap is to cover my hair, but why they gave me paper panty? I dont understand? Am I suppose to wear it? I know I was suppose to take off my clothes for oil massage, but I didnt expect that I go completely naked! I am not prepared for that! How??? I asked boy boy in the next room. He himself also struggling whether to be 100% naked or not.

Then the lady peeked into my curtain, but I was still fully dressed. I asked her should I take off my panty and wear this paper one or I wear on top of my panty. Then, I think she dont know what I am asking. Without giving up, I took up the panty and gave her some hand signage, trying to 'sign' my question out. But still, I dont think she understand my question. She kept on saying, "yes" "yes" "yes".

"Should I take off my panty?"
"Can I dont want to take off my panty?"
"Can I wear it over my panty?"
"So, I take my panty off?"

Oh god! After the lady went off, I asked boy boy again. He said he wears it on top of his underwear. So, I followed him. That's more like it la. Then, throughout the massage, I was glad that I wore the paper panty as double layer, I think it was the correct way. The paper panty was suppose to prevent the oil staining your panty when they do the massage. How stupid can I be????

The massage was really good. Although the lady was a bit oil, but her strength was good. My thigh was numb and so dem pain when she pushed it. Guess it was the afternath of yesterday. Shoulder also dem pain. When she bent my hand to the back, also dem pain.

After 1 hour, I felt really good and refreshed. The massage was good but I still think it was a tad too expensive.

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