Monday, July 20, 2009

Angela's Wedding Dinner

AL's wedding dinner reception place was easy to find. Quite a straight forward road.

I thought I already put quite heavy eye makeup, but it still look like my eyes bengkak right?

PY in her tube dress and wearing my mum's hand made necklace. Pretty? While I was at home, my mum took a necklace out and match my dress, then she asked me 'your friend wearing what color dress?' (PY was at my house that time). Then I said black and white, so she took out the following necklace and let her wear.

While me and PY was waiting for the dinner to start, I recieved a sms from AL asking whether we have arrived or not. Then, she said she is in the bride's preparation room and asked us to go and find her. So, we went into the room, she was seating there doing nothing. She told us that her aunty do not let her out until the march in starts. So, she has been seating inside the room for more than an hour. And they we went.

Does this photo looks like being taken in the toilet?

My face looked so big next to AL. =.="

Once we saw the big mirror, camwhoring started.

Once we are done with our photo session, we went out and waiting for the dinner to start. 10minutes later, we saw AL coming out from her room. But, why is she holding a handbag??? Where got bride hold handbag one??? Somemore, waving like a Miss Malaysia. :P

At first, me and PY wanted to offer to hold her handbag while she marches in. But we thought maybe the handbag got lots of angpows, then dangerous also if we hold. [yesterday AL told me that her handbag only has her IC and handphone. =.="] Indeed, she was holding her handbag when she marched in.

The starting of the dinner started with Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Terrer! Normally is the Kitaro's song but this restaurant was really update.

The screen was showing AL and her husband's photos starting from baby to teenager to young adult till they met each other. And this AL went and put in our Annual Dinner group photo which was really colorful due to Farid's pink retro hair and andrew's gold retro hair plus kak Norma's orange retro costume. Once this picture was projected, everyone was laughing. Luckily, it flashed so fast, no one recognise us in the photo. Phew.

Champagne pouring.

Look at the 'glass of wine' that her husband is holding.
Wish Angela and her husband live happily ever after and fast fast get a 'promotion'.

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