Sunday, July 19, 2009

Angela's Church Wedding

While I was on the way to AL's church wedding in Kepong, I was lost somewhere in the housing area. Panic. Stopped at road side, and look at the map on the invitation card again. was a bit difficult coz the map was really small and I couldnt even see the landmarks. Luckily my location map book was in my car, I reached for it, find the Jalan that I am now, and find her church address. I was somewhere in the area already, but the roads were really complicated. Ok, once I got my direction correct, I proceeded to locate the place. (salesman's attitude of not giving up finding the place).

I reached her church at 10.10am (which was 10minutes late). I thought I still can make it for her march in because she told me that she will march in at 10.15am. When I stepped into the first floor, she was half way marching in already. Dem, I miss it!

The wedding was started with songs and dance.

Pastor was giving blessings. This pastor was really farnie.

"Yes, I will take AL as my wife".
"Yes, I will take Kenny as my husband".
When they exchanged wedding rings, my view was being blocked by the photographers.

This picture is the picture of the day! Her husband has forgotten to take up her veil and kiss her. So she kept on pointing at her self trying to hint the husband. At that moment, the husband was ready to go down from the stage. I think the husband was too nervous le.

After that, a performances were performed. The most memorable one is Kenny's cousin playing piana and sang a few songs. Omg, his voice was really fascinating and enchanting le. I seldom come across a guy who sang in tune! But I cant see his face though. (AL, can show me his face?).

While they were marching out, people throw flower petals on them. Normally, people would throw upwards so that the petals will rain down nicely. But this Andrew throw the whole bunch straight up to AL's face. =.=" sure kena whacked by AL on Monday already this Andrew.

This Sara (far right) was really farnie. After the wedding ended, people were waiting for their turns to take photos with the couple. The MC annouced group by group (ie. bridegroom's relative, bride's ji muis, bridegroom's heng dais etc.). When the MC announced 'bride's friends'. Then Sara said, "Do we consider as friends?". When the MC announced, 'bride's UM mates'. Then Sara responded, "UPM can ar?". Lastly, we waved at AL, then she signal us the next round is 'Colleagues' turn.

After finished taking photos with her, she told me that she will be throwing her bouquet of flowers later, and asked me to wait for it. I dem mou lek. I cant la, 'someone' supposed to come along with me to this wedding and her responsibility is to block away the girls so that I can catch the flowers, but she flew kite already. So I didnt stay back for the flower throwing lor. I left after the lunch. Hehe. Sorry ya AL.

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