Sunday, July 26, 2009

Genting Trip

Nikky organized a trip to Genting last month. The group of them (Nikky couple, Kwei couple, Yweng couple and my bro) went for an early dimsum breakfast. They reached Genting at 11am and proceeded to the Theme Park.

I, on the other hand, have to wait till boy boy finishes his work at 1pm then only we start our journey to Genting. At first he asked me to go up with Kwei they all to play in the Theme Park, but I didn’t do so as I need to teman him while he is driving up the mountain. I scare later he fall asleep then ‘diverted’ his route.

When we reached First World hotel at 3pm, they were just checking in to the hotel, which was exactly a good timing. Then all of them straight lie down on the sofa or the bed, looking really tired. But 3 of them suffered from the aftermath of the Theme Park.

Victim of Spinning Cup:I asked my bro whether Theme Park nice or not, he said it was nice until the last part when they play the ‘Cup’. Nikky spinned the cup too fast until my bro also has headache. When they showed me the video clip of the cup, I laughed like mad (cant post it here coz my bro will kill me).

Three TALL and NOT-SO-YOUNG guys (Nikky, Yweng and my bro) squeezed into a TINY RIBENA cup, legs also don’t know where to put (look at their legs in the picture), then the music haven’t even started, Nikky started to spin the cup already. Then my bro was in this ‘trying to physco people’ position (2 hands covering the side of his forehead) screaming Nikky to stop the cup. The audience was laughing at them, even the operator was laughing at these three guys. They suspect the operator enjoyed their expression so much until he prolonged the ride. Poor my bro (look at him).

Victim of Sorello ShockKwei sat the Sorello Shock until he terseliuh his neck. I asked how come like that. He sat he didn’t sit straight while the Sorello Shock dropped down. The impact made his neck bone dislocate a bit. So that whole night, he cant move his head around, too stiff already, only can look in front. Poor him.

Victim of Pirate ShipOn another hand, Michelle was not feeling quite well too after the Pirate Ship adventure. She underestimated the ship. She sat at the end there and she didn’t expect it flung until so high. But hor, the ship kept flying higher and higher until she has this nausea feeling. They think the operator make fun of them by making the boat flung higher.

Hmmm…. I think the operators in the Theme Park enjoyed their presence there. They must be thinking, “Please come back and visit Genting Theme Park, we will give a hell of a ride!”.

After resting for awhile, we went for a late lunch (almost like early dinner already) in Pizza Hut. After the lunch, we proceeded to the Genting Casino. First time entering there, really excited. Lose RM25 there then I dont dare to gamble liao. Scardy cat le me. Hahaha. 2 hours later, we proceeded to have dinner inside the casino. RM28++ for set plus free flow of soup and salad. The chops werent bad actually. The best part was the mushroom sauce that was really rich in mushroom, not to mention that the sauce are free flow too.

After the dinner, we went back to the hotel room. Suppose to give Nikky a surprise Birthday party. Suyin kept on asking him to take a bath so that she can prepare the ‘necessary’ things, but he refused. Then she got no choice and use Scott to ‘lure’ Nikky out. Scott took the kettle and asked Nikky to teman him and go out to collect hot water (First World hotel has water dispenser outside the corridor). Nikky was suspicious but he went with Scott. Brilliant idea right? It was Suyin’s idea.

We took out the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, which was half melted (stupid First World minibar, not cold at all!). Suyin looked disappointed, then I said never mind lor, we are all friends here, we wont mind one, most of all, Nikky wont mind also (hor Nikky?).

So, before they came in, we lit the candles (did we light up the candles? I was so sleepy until I didn’t notice) and switched off the lights. Once Nikky came in, he was shocked (but he half expected it already, he claimed la). Then we sang birthday song. When we wanna cut the cake only we realized that BB didn’t give us a knife! Swt. So, we use our spoons (provided by BB, so nice of them) to scoop out the ice cream cake lor. Despite the look, it tasted really nice! The cake and the ice cream were blended nicely and compliment each other taste. Although it was a bit expensive, but I think it really worth the price!

When we were chatting after eating the cake, suddenly, the lights for the room and the toilet went off, left the corridor lamp. Yweng went and open the door, the corridor outside was well-lit. I suspect is only our room’s light short circuited. Then, Nikky, my bro and Suyin called the receptionist every 10 minutes. I have lost count how many time they called. At first, they said they will send someone to fix it. That ‘someone’ didn’t appear. At last, the manager called us back and said will arrange another room for us. For that, we have to wait another 20 minutes to wait for the bellboy to come up.

We have been in the dark (or maybe DIM is the right) environment for like 1 hour plus. It was 11pm and I was so dem sleepy. But I have not bath yet! Toilet no lights how to bath??? If leave the toilet door open, when the bell boy comes, then how??? So, I just washed my face, brushed my teeth and apply moisturizer to prepare to go to bed.

Another 30 minutes, we were escorted to another room (just a few rooms apart). The blackout was good in the sense that we don’t need to clean up our mess after the celebration.
The next day, we went to the Casino again. This time I didn’t gamble, I just walked around see see look look. At one particular table, Nikky wanted to play Pontoon (21 points), and there was an empty space. When he wanna sit down, the aunty stopped him from sitting down, asked him not to kacau the flow of the cards. WTH! Aunty! You rent the whole table already meh??? cannot let people sit down pulak, you open one ar the casino!

The following round, the dealer sapu all their cards (all 5 of them also lose money). Padan muka! Then one aunty commented that because of Nikky's interuption, the dealer distrbutes the cards late, that's why lose money. Swt. Like that also can ar??? You wanna name your surname after AL's surname is it???

So, we went to gamble 'Big & Small' which has 50/50 chances of winning money. Boy boy gave me RM50 to gamble, as I believe he brings me luck, so I must use his money to gamble. No doubt, at first I was winning a little bit, then I bought #14. First round didnt come out (it came out #13, so I bought #14 the second round, dont know why I insisted that number. Ting Ting Ting! #14 column's light was shining! Whoa, I kena 1 pay 12 = RM10 x 12 = RM120. So I took the money and left the table. Yay, won the money to pay the hotel's fee. Boy boy won RM100, so equal back to his losing on the day before.

Left Genting happily. I really cant believe my luck.

P/S: Photos took from Michelle's facebook.
PP/S: Who has the baskin robbin cake photo, please give me so that I can upload it here.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Wanted to watch Transformers again on Wednesday, coz the ticket is cheap. Then boy boy asked whether is there any other movie to watch, then I said Ice Age. I didn’t aspect that he will agree with this movie as he don’t watch animated movies. Surprisingly he said OK, coz his friends said the movie was very funny. So I bought tickets online for GSC Tropicana City Mall. Wanna try out the new GSC cinema.

There was only 4 to 5 people lining up for tickets. The crowd was not there. I was thinking that next time I should come here as the location and parking is convenient. Plus, the cinema is new, toilet is clean. The only bad thing was the movie supposing starts at 8.45pm. But they didn’t show any adverts or previews until 9pm. Bored me for 15 minutes.

I think I have watched some of the scenes from Ice Age 1 and 2, didn’t really finish the whole movie though. But after watching this Ice Age 3, it was really good. At least the jokes were much better than Transformers ‘drunken’ lady (my sis called her that) or that Leo.

The story was about Sid ‘The Sloth’ has stolen 3 T-rex eggs, T-rex mama came and find him and bring them back to the dinosaur era, which was hidden below the ice age. The gang of friends, Manny and Ellie ‘The mammoth’, Diego ‘The Tiger’, Crash and Eddie ‘The Possums’ venture into the dinosaur world to bring Sid back. In that world, they met Buck ‘The Weasel’, a new cast to the film.

The gazelle which Diego chased was hilarious! I laughed my stomach out of it. Diego was unable to catch up with the gazelle as it already aged and lack of hunting, or maybe lack of stamina.

Sid and Manny was getting a little bit boring to me.

Luckily the movie producer added in Buck, a new fresh of blood in the movie. After half way through the movie, I noticed that Buck is mimicking Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean). Buck’s talk, walk, action reflects that of Captain JS.

The scene where they are crossing the poisonous valley was entertaining. The way they joked, they way each and every one of them laughed simultaneously, superb!

Another new character being introduced to the movie: Peaches! baby mammoth. She is so adorable.

Scrat ‘The squirrel’ has more screen time in this movie. My sis told me that he only appears at the start and end of the film. But in this movie, he appeared almost every 15minutes. And he has a new girlfriend (Scratte) aka nemesis this time! Both of them gunning for the same acorn and has trillions of ideas to get to the acorn. The best part was Scratte open her ‘wings’ and glides like a flying squirrel and Scrat pull his own fresh to act like ‘wings’. Another funny scene was both of them in the bubble part.

pictures credited to

The storyline was so-so only but the most importing thing is that I enjoyed the movie very much. Now, I wanna watch Ice Age 1 and 2.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Angela's Wedding Dinner

AL's wedding dinner reception place was easy to find. Quite a straight forward road.

I thought I already put quite heavy eye makeup, but it still look like my eyes bengkak right?

PY in her tube dress and wearing my mum's hand made necklace. Pretty? While I was at home, my mum took a necklace out and match my dress, then she asked me 'your friend wearing what color dress?' (PY was at my house that time). Then I said black and white, so she took out the following necklace and let her wear.

While me and PY was waiting for the dinner to start, I recieved a sms from AL asking whether we have arrived or not. Then, she said she is in the bride's preparation room and asked us to go and find her. So, we went into the room, she was seating there doing nothing. She told us that her aunty do not let her out until the march in starts. So, she has been seating inside the room for more than an hour. And they we went.

Does this photo looks like being taken in the toilet?

My face looked so big next to AL. =.="

Once we saw the big mirror, camwhoring started.

Once we are done with our photo session, we went out and waiting for the dinner to start. 10minutes later, we saw AL coming out from her room. But, why is she holding a handbag??? Where got bride hold handbag one??? Somemore, waving like a Miss Malaysia. :P

At first, me and PY wanted to offer to hold her handbag while she marches in. But we thought maybe the handbag got lots of angpows, then dangerous also if we hold. [yesterday AL told me that her handbag only has her IC and handphone. =.="] Indeed, she was holding her handbag when she marched in.

The starting of the dinner started with Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Terrer! Normally is the Kitaro's song but this restaurant was really update.

The screen was showing AL and her husband's photos starting from baby to teenager to young adult till they met each other. And this AL went and put in our Annual Dinner group photo which was really colorful due to Farid's pink retro hair and andrew's gold retro hair plus kak Norma's orange retro costume. Once this picture was projected, everyone was laughing. Luckily, it flashed so fast, no one recognise us in the photo. Phew.

Champagne pouring.

Look at the 'glass of wine' that her husband is holding.
Wish Angela and her husband live happily ever after and fast fast get a 'promotion'.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Angela's Church Wedding

While I was on the way to AL's church wedding in Kepong, I was lost somewhere in the housing area. Panic. Stopped at road side, and look at the map on the invitation card again. was a bit difficult coz the map was really small and I couldnt even see the landmarks. Luckily my location map book was in my car, I reached for it, find the Jalan that I am now, and find her church address. I was somewhere in the area already, but the roads were really complicated. Ok, once I got my direction correct, I proceeded to locate the place. (salesman's attitude of not giving up finding the place).

I reached her church at 10.10am (which was 10minutes late). I thought I still can make it for her march in because she told me that she will march in at 10.15am. When I stepped into the first floor, she was half way marching in already. Dem, I miss it!

The wedding was started with songs and dance.

Pastor was giving blessings. This pastor was really farnie.

"Yes, I will take AL as my wife".
"Yes, I will take Kenny as my husband".
When they exchanged wedding rings, my view was being blocked by the photographers.

This picture is the picture of the day! Her husband has forgotten to take up her veil and kiss her. So she kept on pointing at her self trying to hint the husband. At that moment, the husband was ready to go down from the stage. I think the husband was too nervous le.

After that, a performances were performed. The most memorable one is Kenny's cousin playing piana and sang a few songs. Omg, his voice was really fascinating and enchanting le. I seldom come across a guy who sang in tune! But I cant see his face though. (AL, can show me his face?).

While they were marching out, people throw flower petals on them. Normally, people would throw upwards so that the petals will rain down nicely. But this Andrew throw the whole bunch straight up to AL's face. =.=" sure kena whacked by AL on Monday already this Andrew.

This Sara (far right) was really farnie. After the wedding ended, people were waiting for their turns to take photos with the couple. The MC annouced group by group (ie. bridegroom's relative, bride's ji muis, bridegroom's heng dais etc.). When the MC announced 'bride's friends'. Then Sara said, "Do we consider as friends?". When the MC announced, 'bride's UM mates'. Then Sara responded, "UPM can ar?". Lastly, we waved at AL, then she signal us the next round is 'Colleagues' turn.

After finished taking photos with her, she told me that she will be throwing her bouquet of flowers later, and asked me to wait for it. I dem mou lek. I cant la, 'someone' supposed to come along with me to this wedding and her responsibility is to block away the girls so that I can catch the flowers, but she flew kite already. So I didnt stay back for the flower throwing lor. I left after the lunch. Hehe. Sorry ya AL.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 10

Just came back from Angela's church wedding. During the wedding, her husband's cousin performed some songs using piano. When he sang "Tong Hua", my tears were rolling in my eyes. I know I am not suppose to cry during a wedding (and I am not crying because I cant marry yet), and I thought I have calm down since yesterday's incident. It was just piercing my heart that the song made me think about what happened between me and him last night. I dont know why he acted like that. I dont know why he refused to talk to me. I dont know why he dont even want to look into my eyes. His face was so 'black' I thought he was still mad at me. But when I asked, he said he is not mad at me. He was facing the computer whole time and dont bother to talk to me. I was sad. I dont know why he behaved like that. He have never acted like that before. There were no arguements. There were silence. It made me shivers. I asked about eating dinner, he ate peanuts. Gosh, I cant stand this. Even though it was 1 hour only, it looked to me as if the whole night. I packed my bags, and I told him, "I am leaving'. He kept quiet. I took the key, went down stairs, told his mum that I am going back. She was surprised because normally he would send me out. This time, I was holding the keys. She asked why, I just said his mood was not so good, I cant continue the sentence coz the tears were coming out. She said we used to be very good. Ya I know, this thing never happen to us at all. She just pad my back, and said, 'maybe working pressure'. I left the house, tears rolling, hoping he will call me back. But, he didnt. I walked towards the LRT, cant even see clearly the road, hoping my phone will ring, but it didnt. My heart sank. He didnt even bother to chase me. I have no idea. I dont know why. If he was not happy because of me, I would rather he scolds me, rather than keeping quiet like that. The sky was dark, when I reached KJ station, I was struggling whether to ask my dad to pick me up. Coz I told them I am not coming back for dinner and I have transport back. If I call him, sure he will ask, and my voice sure crack trying to hide my emotion. I walked back. All the way, I was praying that no one will snatch my bag. Yes, I am scare of walking back in the dark. I have no idea why I am I doing this. I need time to calm down my emotion. I reached home, trying to act normal when I step in. Mum asked me whether I have taken dinner. I said yes. but the fact is I have not. I only took a few peanuts. All these happenings made me felt that I am not important to him. He left me walking alone back to my house in tears. My friends wouldnt allow that, furthermore he is this man whom I loved for a few years, and he did nothing to pull me back. I am sad. I am disappointed. I wanted to write this feelings last night but I thought I will calm down after a night and I will try to patch things up. I thought Angela's wedding would have made me calm, but when the song was sang, I just know that I cant hide my feelings for yesterday. It hurts. Really hurts.

* Updated 20/7: I am fine now, in fact we are fine now. After reading this post, he felt that I am so kesian like that, so he tum me back. Thanks for all your concerns ya.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant - Teluk Gong

Out of nowhere suddenly my bro suggested to go to Teluk Gong to eat dinner. Then I looked at my driver, he agreed as well. Wah, really so excited meh. It has been a long time that I didnt go to Teluk Gong and have dinner, I think around 3 years. So, we picked up Nikky and there we went, all the way to Klang.

Oat Mantis Prawn (RM10). No money to order prawn (not no money la, just wanna jimat a bit to eat crab, hehe), so we ordered mantis prawn. My bro reminded us that CF buttered prawn is the curry powder type, not nice one. So we ordered this oat mantis prawn. First time eating this type of flavour which was quite unique to me, it tasted good actually. The oats gave some sweetness to this dish but not too sweet.

Curry Fish (RM15). Super craving for curry fish head that two days. After we ordered curry fish, we were suspecting whether CF serves the dry version of curry or the claypot version of curry. In my heart, I wish they serve the claypot version as I was craving to drink the curry. Luckily, it came in a claypot. The fish was fresh and the vege was a lot as well. However, the taste was not up to my standard, it tasted quite bland.

Lala Beehoon (RM10). This portion was just nice for 4 person. This version was better than the one in Lala Chong Subang. CF version has more 'wok hei' and has a stronger taste. Even my bro agreed with me. But of coz the lala was not as many as the one in Lala Chong Subang lor.

Baby Potato Leaves (RM6).

Mammy Crab (RM32). The crabs were fresh. The only thing is that they didnt crack a bit for us, we have use the hammer and tok tok tok open it, which was a bit not stylish to see. Hehe. This flavour was ok only.

The food here were really cheap, exclude the petrol charges le. But the crabs were not cheap lor to me. Definately worth visiting another time if my driver gets excited again. Oh ya, dont forget CF charges 5% government tax. Fuiyoh, imagine how much they earn annually.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bkk D4: Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Tony Romas

After the massage, we walked to Siam Paragon to hunt for Tony Romas. Another target meal in Bangkok as Malaysia's TR only serve beef ribs but TR in bangkok serves Pork ribs. So, is definately must try.

We walked pass Siam Center. And boy boy camwhored. You soooo really wanna punch him in his face when you look at his expression.

Trying to camwhore himself again, but took my picture instead. He only manage to camwhore his own arms in this picture. Dear, you need to practice a lot before you do camwhoring le. [he is soooo gonna kill me]

After the Siam Center, the next building would be Siam Paragon.

Walked straight towards Tony Romas.

I think boy boy really like to take pictures with his newly-bought fedora hat. He is so in-love with his fedora hat.

Potato Skin (around 230B), served with pork bacon and cheese. A version that you could not find in Malaysia, plus boy boy could not eat Malaysian version as he cannot take beef. The cheese was overflowing the skin and it was really cheesy. The bacon tasted great and crispy. However, the potato skin was too thin and it somehow was not so crispy.

Pork Ribs (I think it costs 480B). When this was served, I was a bit disappointed at the portion of side dishes. Look at the pathetically little coleslaw and fries! I compared it to Malaysia's TR as they served mountain of fries. The ribs were great and the portion was too small for sharing. The meat was tender and it fell off from the ribs. The marination was something unique, I tasted a tint of alcohol inside.

Best eaten with hands!

TR in Bangkok was a bit pricier than Malaysia's one, and the portion is smaller. I would not return second time for TR in Bangkok since I have tried their pork ribs this time. I would rather save the money and spend it on Somboon!

That's all for my Bangkok trip, hope you guys enjoy reading it.