Monday, June 8, 2009

Yen's Wedding

6 June 2009 = my cousin Yen's big day. Cant be her 'Ji Mui' coz she 'chut ka' at Kedah, dem far away. So, we can only attend her wedding dinner at Kam Loon Tai Restorant, Sri Petaling.

Makeup for her. Look at her enough already, please dont look at me as I have no makeup on, it was my bare face (pai seh pai seh). Plus I did facial treatment on the day before, that was why my face appearred so red.

Guest Album.

A dragon and a phoenix decoration, super nice!

Camwhoring with Jojo.

The bride, seating there nothing to do, looking at her husband yumseng at other tables. Candid shot by Jojo's camera. We were like 2 tables behind the bride. So, if anyone of you all getting married, please seat me near you so that I can take lots of candid shots for you.

So, we went and took photo with her since she was so free.

Cake cutting and champagne pouring time.

Gu Cheh (4th from left) and Gu Jiong (2nd from left) smilling the whole night. 3rd from left is my grandma, she was seated at the VIP table, so lonely there. Hehe.

Silly siblings. Raymond promised Yen that he will sing her a song on her wedding day. He made this promise like 4 years ago and Yen still remembered it until now. Hahaha. She passed him a songbook for him to choose a song. But hor, he gave thousand and one reason not to sing ie. 'this song so old, this song dont know whether is the same version as I sing or not, dont have the songs that I want etc etc.

Yen passed by him few times and tapped his shoulder asked whether he is ready or not. He again gave thousand and one reasons. Me and Jojo know for the fact that Ray can sing oldies, and that songbook has lots of oldies. He was just really shy to go on stage.

Then, he went and challenged my dad pulak, asked my dad go sing on stage. Then my dad tai chi him said that, 'when mun get married that time, then I will sing'. Oh ok, dad, noted, definately will rent a karaoke system for you to be the first one to sing. I think my future husband-to-be will give thousand and one reasons not to sing a song for me. So, you are the man, dad! I can duet with you too, but dont make me cry.

The groom yumseng like mad that night.

Yuuuummmmm Seng! (Raymond's hand blocked my angle).

Family photo with Yen. My cousin Martin and his gf (the two white shirt couple) getting married in January 2009.

Yen, wish you and your husband live happily ever after and fast fast give birth to a baby!

P/S: Oh ya, Raymond still didnt sing after the whole dinner ended. But hor, he promised to sing on MY wedding day.

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