Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where is the courtesy?

I must voice out another incident that I witnessed in LRT yesterday. When PY and I reached the Ampang Park platform, we lined up behind a woman who was holding a Jimmy Choo shopping bag. The woman was first, I was second and PY was third in line.

1 minute later, a big fat guy came and walked towards the woman and they chatted. PY asked me to tell the guy to go Q-up. Then I said maybe he will Q-up when the train comes lei. Then the line was getting longer and that guy doesn’t seem to have the intention to Q-up. PY muttered, “he wont Q up liao one”. Then I said never mind la. Hehe. Maybe my mood was good that time. (I did tell off a guy who tried to cut my Q that day when my mood was really bad. Lesson is ‘don’t mess with women when they are in a bad mood. Hehe).

When the train arrived, that fat guy tried to squeeze in front of me, then PY pushed me from behind saying, ‘siew mun, don’t let him go in, siew mun, don’t let him go in”. Then she pushed me so that that guy can’t cut in front of me. Aiyo, PY, people so fat, 5x my size le, you think I can push him away meh.

So, I was being forced by the guy from my left side and forced by PY from behind, ended up I was in the middle of the door squeezing into LRT. Now I think back hor, I think I look like jacoon (how do you spell that word?) trying to snatch a place in the LRT.

But, this was not the LRT incident that I wanna voice out. There was another happened when PY left the train at Masjid Jamek station.

In the LRT, I was leaning against the end of it and I managed to see what happened not far away from me. At Masjid Jamek station, I saw a guy holding a little girl (4-5 years old) boarded the train. No one let the little girl sit.

After KL Sentral station, the space was not so crowded. Then I saw this guy carrying the little girl and she was sleeping on his shoulder. Still, no one offer their seat for this poor guy. I think one of the reason no one offer their seat is because the guy is a young chap (20 years old maybe), so they were either acting asleep, reading books or some are aunties who just don’t bother.

To my thinking was, regardless of what age of the guy plus regardless what sex is the person, a person who is carrying a kid should be given priority to sit! He is such a small size guy and carrying a little girl on left hand and holding the LRT bar with his right hand is difficult and TIRING! Why Malaysians nowadays are so ignorant???

I saw his friend looked around on the 2 sides of seats (total 10 seats), tried to look for a youngster that can offer up the seat, but too bad that day the passengers were either aunties or yongsters acting asleep. I pitied that guy la, so kesian. Then an aunty beside me (she was seated like 4 seats away from that guy) stood up and asked that guy to sit.

Harlow! An aunty with grey hair offered a seat while the young adults do not bother offering their seat! It was just disturbing, ugly side of Malaysians. Where are all the courtesy???

p/s: By the way, I was standing all the way back to KJ ok. Don’t ask me why I didn’t give up my seat. :)

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