Monday, June 1, 2009

Tiny Pisses # 6

Just came back from Clinique facial, the facial therapist was so good in massaging my face. So sleepy right now, but need to post this up before I sleep. Last Saturday, I think I encountered the most insane LRT incident.

In the LRT, I was seating at the corner (sticking to the glass one) out of the four seats. A Malay couple sat on my left hand side. The row of 4 seats was all occupied.

At KL Sentral station, a bunch of mid-age women and men foreign workers (I think they are Indonesian if I am not mistaken) walked in. Among them was this fat lady (triple my size) in red shirt and ¾ pants walked towards us and asked the Malay lady (the couple) beside me in a stupidly manja tone, “can I sit here?” and twisted her body a little bit to act cute. I almost wanna vomit out.

The Malay lady beside me doesn’t know how to response to her as this tak-malu fat lady was neither pregnant nor old nor disable. The Malay lady beside me stared at her one kind for 2 seconds, even her boyfriend doesn’t wanna offer his seat to this fat lady. Come on la, someone is wanna sit at your gf’s seat, why don’t you just give up yours??? Gentleman a bit la.

Then hor, the most shocking thing happened in split seconds, the tak-malu fat lady turned her body and put her ass down at the tiny space between the lady and me (it was not a single seat ok, it was the borderline between 2 seats)! @.@ The space between me and the Malay lady doesn’t even fit AL (who is super skinny), what makes this tak-malu gemuk lady thinks she can fit? And there was not meant to be an ‘extra’ seat between me and the malay lady by the way!

She sat one quarter of my lap and one-quarter of the Malay lady’s lap. WTF! I straight away stood up and let her sit since I have one more stop to go only. She sat at my place, and then muttered, “senior citizen”. I puked! Senior citizen? Do you even know what is the definition of senior citizen? My dad IS a senior citizen, Scott’s mum IS a senior citizen. But not you, stupid big ass that just wanna sit on people’s seat! Or perhaps my laps?

Even her friends felt so malu for her behaviour until they do not want to response to her or even look at her. OMG! You are at our country and you behave like that?? I am no means of racist here but it was just wrong to pretend yourselves as senior citizen whereby you look like less than 40 years old. Why not you just tell me that you are pregnant since you have a big tummy? I will immediately give my seat to you. LAME!


Annie said...

i think the super fat "senior citizen" having same case with benjamin button ler.... look young but actually she's 90 yrs old !!!!

Renji said...

wah lan, triple ur size wo??!!Did she paid triple ticket as well? I wonder how she enter the gate... Hou sam la so fat still wanna act cute.Next time keep some needle in ur bag,put some on the chair

Renji said...

Maybe she is really a senior citizen leh,u as a pro makeup artist u also know how powerful is the makeup la. Pity the fat ass...

Marogal said...

cant stop laughing at the ''senior citizen'' lor... how come got such thick face punya orang??.. next time push her away... ahhaaa

Annie said...

sm should have said "excuse me, u cross the line liao"