Monday, June 8, 2009

Stupid Doink Si Lai!

Early Sunday morning boy boy came and picked me up to meet Nikky for dim sum. He used his sis's car Hyundai Getz. When he reached a T-junction, he stopped and looked at his right side for upcoming traffic. Then suddenly we heard a honk from behind. Gasp! The car from behind honk my boy boy? WTH! At a junction of course have to stop for a while to look at the cars one ma.

After boy boy came out from the junction, I looked at the car using my side mirror, the car also stopped at the junction what! Stopped longer than my boy boy tiem! what the heck she honk us for???

Then we were reaching a traffic light, so boy boy slowed down to stop for the red light. The stupid car honk him from behind again! Honk him for slowing down at a traffic light???? Then, she still dare to stop at the lane beside us somemore, is a 'si lai' (aunty) AND she got the guts to look at us somemore. Boy boy said that luckily she is a si lai, if not he will show her his middle finger already.

I wanted to take a photo of this stupid si lai but I dont dare. Scare later she physco then come down from the car and hit my window then how???

When the light turn green, boy boy purposely let her overtake us so that he can 'tiong' her from behind. But boy boy has forgotten that he is driving his sis's car, not his transformer Myvi, so cant pick up. Hahahha. So we followed the si lai from a distance. That's her, Hyundai Elantra BGX 283X.

When she stopped at the junction wanna turn right, boy boy stopped behind her and honk her. I started laughing like mad. Then we continued following her (coincidently we were going at the same direction ok, we are not so free until tiong her all way ok). We saw her honk the Proton Wira in front too. When the Proton wanna turn left, she honk the car again. SWT! She is super Phyco, man!

When we reached another junction, she stopped and look at the traffic. Boy boy honk her again. Then I said is enough la, later she get into an accident then how??? Boy boy responsed, "That's the main purpose I am honking her ma, let her panic then she go out fast fast then a car knock her, laugh die me, wahhahaha!".

Seriously la, it was my first time meeting such 'road bully' with a 'si lai' status somemore. Super doink la she! I wish she really met a real road bully in the future.

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