Saturday, June 27, 2009

Restoran New GreenView - SS2

Went to this place during Father's Day weekend, not to celebrate the Father's Day but to belanja Uncle Lee who came back from Melbourne for holiday. Definately need to belanja him as he provided my family with rooms to stay in during their Melbourne trip. So we went to this restaurant opposite Lisa De Inn, New Green View (I dont even know whether I got this restaurant name correct or not). My dad has been longing to try this place for quite some time as this restaurant is famous for their 'Sang Har Mien'.

Long Bean. Didnt try as I dont fancy this vege.

Herbal chicken. So-so only.

2-style kai lan. The fried little pieces were not really crunchy.

Pork Knuckles. The skin was not crunchy and the taste was not as good as the one in Mei Chi Xuan.

And the restaurant signature dish --> Sang Har Mien (Fresh prawns mee). The prawns were really big, each of us got half prawn. I really have no idea how to evaluate this dish as this is the first time I tried this so called Sang Har Mien To me, it was nice but not as delicious as what other people claimed. My mum said Uncle Lee's version was slightly better (Uncle Lee's specialty is in cooking Sang Har Mien and Mee Rebus).

The bowl of mee cost RM120 (4 big prawns for 8 people). Really expensive hor. But the prawns were real big and fresh and the roe was a lot. Once in a while, pamper yourselves with this.

Its crab cost RM62 per kg. The most expensive among the restaurants. Even King Crab who serves best Nai Yao Crab costs RM43 per kg. Dont know why they charge so expensive.

The total bill was RM200+ for 8 people. Ok gua considering you have big prawns.

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