Friday, June 5, 2009

Passport-making morning

Boy boy suppose to renew his passport a month ago, but due to the messiness of Bangkok, we couldnt decide whether we should proceed with the trip or not. That was the reason why he didnt renew it until today. I thought of going to the Immigration Dept. in Subang, but surely it will be very packed, definately at least 2 hrs waiting time.

Then I heard MG said the immigration dept. in Wangsa Maju process the passports very fast, she get hers done within 45 minutes. After hearing that, I was still a bit reluctant to go there coz Wangsa Maju is super far from PJ and definately there will be a traffic jam. The day before yesterday, I heard my neighbour said she used the DUKE highway from Mont Kiara there and paid RM2 toll and reached Wangsa Maju within 30minutes. The most important is NO JAM.

So, me and boy boy decided to venture this new highway. After the Mont Kiara area, there were a few splits, and a few signboards which are very confusing. Non of it written the word 'DUKE'. I know that Duke highway link from PJ to Jalan Genting Klang, so we followed the Ulu Kelang signboard. Then 5 minutes later, we saw a signboard written DUKE. A ha, we got the road correct!

We reached Wangsa Maju (Setiawangsa Exit) around 20 minutes later (boy boy was driving a bit slow). Then we found the immigration department. To my surprise, there were a lot of people, i think due to school holidays plus today is a Friday somemore). There was no kiosk counter where you can just dump the documents in and wait for them to process.

So, we took a number at 8am (#1041, the curent number was #1022), being called to the counter at 8.20am, made the payment at 8.35am. Got boy boy's passport at 9.30am. Ooo....not bad huh, finished within 1 and a half hour.

Called my aunty (my mum's second eldest sis) staying nearby for breakfast so that I can introduce boy boy to her. While waiting for her at immigration department (1st floor), we looked down to the street and we saw some 'fascinating' things happening down there. There are a few photo shops around that area, and these shops send out their staffs to the street to pull customers that didnt bring along passport photos or photostat IC for passport application to their own shops.

This intent is fine, but hor, 3 of them caught my attention:

1) Whenever a car stops in front of the immigration, there was this guy with an umbrella will run towards the car and shade the person coming down from the car and 'promote' his passport photo service. He will shade you from your car until the building.

2) Whenever a car slows down along the immigration road, there was this lady chasing beside the car. We saw her chasing an Awanza full of people in it from where she was until the end of the road. Big business if she got it huh.

3) Whenever there is a parking, there was this lady / guy who block the parking space and assists the car who wanna do passport to park their car at that spot. This has nothing wrong, but when you block the parking space like that, people tend to think that you are trying to ask for parking fees (which is the exact case for parking in Mont Kiara area during night time).

If you going to Wangsa Maju Immigration Department, you no need to scare of 'forgotten to bring passport photos' or 'forgotten to photostat IC', coz there are quite a number of people waiting to service you, just pick the one that you like. Easy.

P/S: I thought of taking out my camera and capture a few people in action but I scare their comrades standing around me can see what I am doing, so I didnt take lor. No guts.

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