Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm back

Back in action!

Reached home at 12am midnight last night. Stupid Air Asia flight delayed one hour, made me super hungry, coz I didnt order food in the flight as I thought I will reach Malaysia around 9pm and I can eat dinner here.

Super exhausted is the words that can describe both of us now. We walked dem a lot. We tried to avoid taxi if possible. Heard too many stories of taxi / tuk-tuk con people, not con RM50 you know, they con you more than RM200 ++++. I so scare. I rather spend that amount of money on myself. So, the whole Bangkok trip we only took taxi from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport. Other than that, it was all public transport (BTS Sky Train, MRT and boat) plus my legs.

Bought some clothes for myself, and boy boy bought a few pieces too. We didnt over spent actually, we still have 2000+ Baht left in our wallet. Both of us total bought less RM1000 punya barang. People were shocked when they heard that we spent less than RM1k shopping in Bangkok. Haha.

It was hot in Bangkok, but no haze. When it comes to 5.30pm, it started to rain. The country sunset around 6pm and sun rise around 6am. Everyday I wake up in the morning under bright day light, I thought it was 9am, but it was only 6.30am.

We spent quite a lot on the food too. Really come back high cholesterol le, the prawns were so big and fresh! Really beh tahan. Besides, we went for massage 3 times, all different massage center and all different types of massage.

Took dem lots of photos (400+), scanning through them now, and I am thinking how to blog about it. At this particular minute, Annie already asked me post up my Bangkok trip post. I really SWT. I am still very tired now, can I just stop at this post and go to bed?

Ya, I think I will stop here. Please let me have some good rest and good sleep then tomorrow I will write nice nice posts. Sneak peak for you guys.....

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