Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Take a break from Bangkok posts. This post is specially dedicated to Calvin Chew, who is celebrating his first father's day in his life, as well as dedicating this post to baby Ning Ning whose birth made Calvin a father. Yay! Clap hands clap hands!

She is very sensitive to camera, she will look straight into your lense and smile. Unlike baby JL who will avoid your camera at all cost.

She can sit on a walker liao! But she just know how to kick kick kick, cant walk properly yet.

And the bunch of us, which are not a father yet, tumpany his joy and celebrate Father's Day as well. He prepared steamboat and grill for the party.

Annie told me that I must take this photo of satay-style grill coz she was the one who prepared it. My bro grilled until the bacon burned coz he preferred burned stuffs. He is super unhealthy.

Oh ya, and the packet on the right hand side written otak-otak, they all said it tasted good wo. Can buy some from the supermarket if you like to eat otak-otak and dont know how to make it.

Hmm....I wonder when Scott can celebrate his first father's day......

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