Thursday, June 4, 2009

Facial Treatment at Clinique, KLCC

Clinique has this facial promotion whereby you buy RM120 voucher, fully redeemable on Clinique products plus free facial treatment. So, I bought one since I need to buy eye cream (RM130) from Clinique as well.

When I reached KLCC Clinique counter, Chloe escorted me into a quiet corner of Isetan where all the famous brands such as Clarins, Estee Lauder facial room are located. Clinique’s one was labeled as Isetan, guess they rent a room from Isetan for 1 week, unlike the above brands that have a tag labeling their names and permanently offer facial treatment.

Once I entered the room, it was a brightly lit small room with one bed, one chair, one cupboard, one sink and 3 big mirrors. I took off my shoes and lie down on the bed, then the facial therapist covered me with some blanket. No need to take off my shirt one wo (the previous facial that I do have to remove shirt and wrap with another thin clothe so that they can do massage on the shoulder).

This facial therapist aunty was quite talkative lor, kept on talking to me on the incident happened at home: Her daughter’s tuition teacher’s father-in-law passed away, then this facial therapist 80 year old father-in-law don’t allow the teacher to enter the house coz he is super pantang. Then her husband scolded her why she didn’t tell this tuition teacher not to come for 1 month etc. etc. etc.

Ok, back to my facial. First she removed my makeup, then she put the toner on my face. The stingy feelings came back again, I suspected that she used Toner # 3 (Clinique has 3 different type of toners for different skin). Toner 3 is very strong while I am using Toner 1 which is mild a bit. Pain Pain. But I didn’t say anything lor. She might be distracted by her house issues gua.

Then she put massage cream on my face. She pressed on the spot (Yuet Dou) strongly. Her strength was so good, it was very song on my face. She asked me whether pain or not, then I said I can tahan it, it was super relaxing! [Boy boy must be thinking I am siao again when he reads this sentence]. Pain but song!

Then she put some whitening mask, whitening serum then moisturizer on my face. She kept on slamming on the pigmentation on my cheek. I don’t feel like using a complete range of whitening products, not that they are expensive (maybe true also), but I really scare the active components will have a side effect on my skin after long use. So I just use whitening essence only.

After the facial, my face a bit numb, coz the blood around the face was circulating after the massage. I was thinking if she could massage my shoulder, that would be great as well coz her strength was really good. She is not attached to Clinique but hired by Clinique on freelance basis.

After the facial, is time to redeem my product. Chloe passed me the free gifts for being the early bird to purchase this voucher: an eye gel and a lip gloss. You know how crazy I am on eye gel and how fussy I am when purchasing the eye gel. Fine lines are appearing at the corner of my eyes, sigh, getting older already but still haven’t become a bride yet…. More fine lines then later not pretty liao when taking wedding photos. So I need to take good care of my eyes until the day I manage to marry out.

I bought this whitening eye cream. RM135 for 2! The fact is, the bottom one is normal eye cream, while the top one is to use for morning as it contains some SPF in it and it will slightly cover up the dark circles too, act as a light concealer. I will try this after all my free sample eye gel from Clinique has finish.

Chloe told me there will be another facial treatment promotion in July and she asked me to come also. I said if I got things to buy then only I come la.

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