Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daorae Korean Restaurant - Dataran Sunway

An early celebration for Father's day this weekend as I will not be around. My dad kept on saying wanted to eat Korean BBQ and Dae Jeong Gum is always his first choice. However, since my bro recommended that Daorae is not bad and Rain often visits this restaurant, plus some good reviews from food bloggers, we decided to give it a try.

We went to the Dataran Sunway branch, which is situated on the third floor. The ground floor is a mamak stall while the first floor is a snooker club. At first, we were skeptical whether Daorae really has a branch here or a fake one. But once we reached the third floor, we were greeted in Korean.

The restaurant was big and the lights are bright, nice decorations too! We were seated at a tatami-like of table whereby we have to take off our shoes and put our legs into an empty space below a table (you know what I mean right???).

We were served with Korean tea and a bowl of soup. I find the soup not bad as it was sour and a bit spicy, it opened up my appetite, not to mention that the soup was full of ingredients. My bro doesnt like it as he said it was very spicy for his liking (note: my bro cant even take tiny spiciness).

We ordered 3 BBQ dishes, so vege and some sauces were served.

The meat was a bit though and it was tasteless. Although it was not marinated with anything, it suppose to have its own taste of freshness and beef-ness. We felt that this dish was a waste of our money, it was the most expensive dish.

The side dishes were as impressive as DJG, maybe they were just not our taste. My family doesnt like it. It was not bad, but it was just not to our liking.

This marinated beef was juicy, but I dont know why it was so hard to chew, I cant bite it apart. The taste was definately better than the first dish.

Marinated Pork Ribs.

The pork was a bit burned, the waiter forgotten to turn it for us as there were too many patrons (it was full house instead). Nevertheless, it tasted unique as the pork was marinated with Korean ginseng and homemade sesame sauce (taken from the menu).

Jap Chae. It doesnt look impressive in the picture but we went ahead and ordered it as my dad fell in love with Jap Chae. Dont let the picture decieve you as it was really good! The garlic and the sesame taste was strong and it was embedded with lots of ingredients. Too bad it was just a small dish, we wish they could serve a bigger portion of jap chae as it was really delicious.

After we called for the bill, they served us Korean pancake as complimentary. It was just normal as I prefer more crunchy type of korean pancake.

As a whole, I think Daorae is a much over-rated Korean restaurant, or maybe I didnt try their real in-house specialthy (which I dont know what is it). It was not bad, but it was that great. I think different people with different taste la, like how I love DJG but not boy boy. Nevertheless, we definately will come back to try their steamboat dishes and bulgogi (it looked quite nice from the picture).

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