Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black list Kum Loon Tai Restaurant!

Yen had her wedding dinner at Kum Loon Tai Restaurant, a well known restaurant in older days. After the whole event ended, to me, this restaurant served nothing but disappointmentssss. Totally out-of-standard services compared to Tai Thong or Overseas restaurants for wedding dinner.

Disappointment #1:

The guest registration table was located at the entrance outside the restaurant, along the corridor. When we reached there, we saw a bunch of people gathered at the entrance there, and more of them coming out from the restaurant. We squeezed anti-traffic-ly into the restaurant and sat down. After I was seated, I saw hundreds of people coming down from upstairs and heading out. The people kept on flowing out for 15 minutes; imagine how big was the group. Then my aunty said there is an event upstairs which has just finish, thus the big group of people.

People having wedding downstairs and there was no other exit for this big group of people to come out. At that moment, it was really a messy scene to see.

Disappointment # 2:

When all guests were seated, it was like 8.15pm. The captain told Yen’s family that two MCs flew kite last minute and they couldn’t find a replacement. So what??? If MCs fly kite then you yourselves (the captain) be the MC la, you have been in charging for so many wedding dinner, tak kan you don’t know how to speak?? They discussed the same topic for like 30 minutes, and the guests (basically referring to me and my family and jojo’s mum) were super hungry le. At 8.45pm, a waitress, yup, a WAITRESS took up the MC role and she read word by word on her paper.

Disappointment # 3:

When the MC announced the entrance of the bride and bridegroom, yen and her husband walked in. When they reached their place, the grand entry music was just switched on. =.=”

Then we have to wait another 15 minutes for the food to be served. Hungry like mad already.

Disappointment # 4:

During the yumseng session, the couple poured the champagne into a pyramid of champagne glasses. When the couple and the VIPs standing on the stage, a waiter took a glass of the champagne, then half of the pyramid champagne glasses fell on to the floor. I saw the whole thing coz I was standing in front of the stage to take picture. Really WTH lor, dare make the pyramid of glasses fall. I really dem mou lek. Plus, the inexperienced ‘MC’ don’t know how to say some nice words to cover it up.

Disappointment # 5:

The bride’s changing room was smaller than MNG fitting room. It only allows 2 person inside and no more space liao. Yen’s brother and 2 other relatives have to count the money in that XS room tiem plus there was no air-condition in the room. Imagine how hot it was.

As a whole, the killer of the night was the falling of champagne glasses, is just so unauspicious! If it is me, I will definitely complain like mad to the captain and requested for refund after the end of the wedding. But if I do that, my husband will immediately regret marrying me on our first day of wedding, coz he has married a mad woman.

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