Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bkk D3: Rachaprosong Area

Bangkok Siam area is really convenient for pesdestrian as they have this covered walkway below the BTS trail. You can walk from Siam BTS all they way to Chitlom BTS (the next station). They call this as Rachaprosong area.

Hop into any shopping complexes along the way without being under the hot sun.

Erawan Shrine, famous for its four-face Buddha. They have Thai culture dance every 10 minutes.

Erawan Area.

Central World, that was where we had our Almatery ice cream.

Trying to capture Boy boy's red face after eating the alcoholic ice cream.

Gayson Plaza, similar to our Star Hill.

And now, we have to walk towards that direction to get to Platinum mall to do my shopping.

Platinum Mall's environment was much more condusive than Chatuchak. It was air-conditioned, bigger space, cleaner space and cleaner toilet and the designs there are much nicer. The only thing is that they will only give discount when purchase more than 3 pieces. The mall is much similar to our Sungai Wang but it is 2.5 times bigger. It has 6 floors (6th being the food court), mostly women clothing on 1st three floors. This 3 floors are enough to kill your feet and spent all your money that you have bring.

Again, we walked for 3 hours and we were exhausted. 5pm, we went to the food court for a break. Boy boy insisted me to take photo with his newly bought Fedora hat.
This was what I bought. Not that impressive huh. I think I have been really saving the money up. or maybe the clothes were not nice enough to attract my attention.

Boy boy's purchases. He bought more in Chatuchak.

Personally, if next time I were to go to Bangkok, I would go for shopping in Platinum mall only, and where Jojo's mum always go, Pratunam mall, which is just across the street.

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