Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bkk D3: Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Part II)

We proceeded to Crystal Grill on the 82th floor. We were seated at a quiet corner of the restaurant.

The food ranged from Western to Thai to Japanese: miso soup, sushi (no sashimi, if not I would have taken tons of it), spaghetti, lamb chops, steaks, steam crabs / prawns, mussels, chocolate fondue, ice cream, Thai delicacies etc.

The steam prawns were really good. I only ate 2 prawns as I really scare my legs will get itchy again (Yup, it has not recover since attending my friend’s open house). Boy boy ate 8 prawns. Trust me, you dip the prawns with the green sauce, it tasted superb! Boy boy ate non-stop. The next time I come, I will just eat 10 prawns and it worth back my money. Hahaha.

The other dishes were like so-so only, not worth to mention. The dinner was priced 620B per pax, includes free admission to observation deck and revolving tower, but EXCLUDE drinks ya. Boy boy’s coke was like 40B and my coconut drink was 70B.

The dinner was well worth the price, strictly due to its ambient (and the prawns!).

The admission to the observation deck and revolving tower is priced at 200B per pax if you do not want to dine at any of its restaurant. After the dinner, we went up to the revolving deck.

It was covered up with fenced. The floor was revolving at quite fast lei, made me dizzy. At one part, the wind was blowing strongly. I found it hard to take pictures as the light bulbs on the building kept on changing color. So, one picture my face appeared reddish, another picture blueish, another picture greenish. Sienz la like that.

Around 9pm, we left Baiyoke Sky Hotel. We decided to walk to BTS Chitlom station, which was like 20minutes walking distance, just to avoid being conned by unscrupulous taxi drivers. We were really exhausted the moment we reached our hotel. Even the staff at the counter said, “A long day for both of you”. Yes. Indeed.

P/S: Tell you a secret: I was half expecting or maybe dreaming that boy boy will propose to me on god-knows-how-many-feet high in the sky. That would be soooo romantic right??? But it didn’t happen. Sob sob. That’s why I come back to Malaysia with unchanged status. Save your saliva to congratulate me.

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