Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bkk D3: Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Part I)

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, tagged Bangkok’s Tallest Building. Indeed, it was really noticeable along the highway. After Platinum mall, we walked to Baiyoke Hotel based on the map. We walked through quite a packed corridors, shoplots on my left and small ‘illegal’ stores at my right. I was thinking that this street is totally different in Siam area. This street was really rundown and dirty and filled with all sorts of people.

10 minutes later, we reached the Baiyoke hotel junction. Along the junction, it was dirty and ‘messy’. It was totally out of my imagination. How can a notable, high class hotel be located at this type of area??? I don’t understand. It really spoilt its image. Then hor, the hotel entrance was a bit rundown, it is connected to a tiny shopping complex type of building.

Then we proceeded to the lift stating Baiyoke Hotel Lobby. Its lobby is on the 18th floor. Once we walked out from the lift, it was a totally different environment together. Now, it really looks like a 5-star hotel. We were greeted by the staffs there and one lady brought us to the reservation counter.

Then we went straight up to the observation deck (83th floor) first since 6pm is still a bit early for dinner. There were not many people, so we took our own sweet time to take photos.

Look at Bangkok view. Amazing.

See so many mirrors around, so must camwhore a bit.

I have no idea why he frowned his face.

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