Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bkk D3: Amaltery

Another eatery that was strongly recommended by Nicole. I always forgotten the name of this place as Nicole always never give me in black and white. All I know was this ice cream shop is located in Central World. I only remember the alphabets: AMA something. This center was so huge so I decided not to take the risk of walking every single floor to search for this shop (I think there are 7 floors if I am not mistaken). So, we just proceeded to look at the directory at every single floor.

We still couldnt locate any restaurant that starts with 'AMA'. Until the top floor (7th Flr), there was no directory, but we saw lots of eateries there. Sixth sense again, we walked along this floor. Then we spotted this! AMALTERY! Yes, in fact this is the one!

We walked in there and took a sofa seat.

The waitress told us that they are having promotion: Buy 3 Pay 2 = order 3 ice creams and pay for two of it. Boy boy seems excited already, said very worth it. Then I said, 'two of us cant possibly eat 3 bowls of ice cream'. He answered, "but it really worth it wo". Actually I just wanna order one bowl of ice cream for sharing, since he was so enthusiastic, I followed him lor.

It took us quite some time to decide which one to order. So the waitress gave us a small cup of ice cream to try first.

The Bachelor - 3 scoops of ice cream with chocolate shavings, brownie pieces and whipped cream served with homemade wafer bowl. They have forgotten to mention Coco Crunch also.

That was my reaction when I took my first scoop.
SWT! I have totally forgotten that Nicole mentioned to me that Almatery serves alcholic ice cream. Gulp. Then I flipped back the menu again, Amaltery is specially involved in making ice cream with 5% alcohol namely from Sangria, Whisky, xx, xx, all the wine name that I couldnt remember. Omg omg, I tried few more scoops and pushed this bowl to boy boy, as I really couldnt take alcoholic thingy.

House Special: Around the World, tagging "Absolutely Unbeatable Smoothness" - 5 classic flavours from different parts of the world for a complete Amaltery experience. Actually the waitress asked us to try the flavours but I said no need, just give us whatever that you all recommend. So, she gave us this 5 flavours.

The bowl was frozen. I only like the 1st, 3rd and 5th flavours. 2nd and the 4th one was really pahit, the alcohol was just simply too strong to me. We managed to finish it anyway.
The Virgin and Her Banana (the name is from the menu ok, I didnt create it) - a non-alcoholic parfait for the light hearted, Malt and chocolate orange ice cream, served with whipped cream, chocolate flakes, oreo mini bites and one large banana.

Non-alcoholic. Real smooth ice cream that suits my flavour. The one and only zero alcohol ice cream in the menu, which turned out to be my favourite ice cream of the lot. It was really nice, I finished the whole bowl myself.

The bill came up to 420B for 3 ice creams (Pay for the higher 2 amounts). That was our lunch that day. Couldnt managed to have anything after that as ice creams really stuffed our stomach. Boy boy's face ended up all red.

Nevertheless, if you love alcohol thingy, you definately need to visit this place in Bangkok.

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