Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bkk D2: Wat Pho

At 10am, we took Skytrain from BTS National Stadium (3 minutes walk from our hotel) to BTS Saphan Taksin. After coming out from the BTS, we followed sign stating ‘Chao Phraya Express Boat’ (BTS has really good signage).

Once we were at Central Pier (also known as Sathorn Pier), we were lost a bit in the sense of where to buy tickets and which board to hop on. The counter is only selling Day-trip ticket, but I just want a single journey. So I asked the staff, all he said was, “single ticket next boat, buy ticket on boat”. But he didnt tell me which boat to go up.

So we waited for around 10 minutes, a boat with orange flag came and the people at the pier all stood up and walked towards the boat. We followed. Ok, we hopped onto the correct one. Ticket fee was 13B per person (standard fee). Now, we are cruising along Chao Phraya river (which is very dirty), the longest river in South East Asia (?).

We jumped out at Ta Tien pier. If you want to see Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), it is located across the river, 3B to take a boat there. [The Wat Arun was not senget ok, I took this photos when I was on the boat, so hand not steady le].

We didn’t proceed with this as we were rushing to Wat Pho for a massage as they break from 12pm – 1pm for lunch. It was 11am that time. We bought the ticket at the counter and proceed to search for the massage center, which is located at the back of the temple. The sentence is really misleading as this place is quite big, their directory sux, and I have no idea where were we.

Based on my sixth sense, we walked for around 10minutes, and we managed to find the center. We took the Herbs Massage, costs 480B per person. The lady’s massage strength was super strong, especially when she used her leg and pressed my thigh that time, dem pain but ‘song’! For the first 20 minutes, the lady was just doing normal Thai massage on my legs. Then I was thinking whether I kena conned or not because Thai massage cost only 350B.

Then the lady took a bag thingy and rubbed it on my leg. Whoa! The bag was super hot! It just came out from the steam. So she pressed every single part of my leg to improve the blood circulation. The bag was full of herbs as I could smell a strong herbal smell from it. Very comfortable wo.

After the massage, feeling refreshed, we walked around the Wat to take some photos.

Tiny me.

Noticed that I was holding the tripod? I purposely brought along a tripod so that we can take photo together but boy boy refused doing so after a few photos (shown above). He said very malu. I was like what the heck malu??? There were not many people, we can set our tripod anywhere. Bengang him.

When visiting Wat Pho, is a must to visit the Reclining Buddha.

The body is LONG!

The legs are HUGE!

When we made a donation, we took a bowl of coins to put into another bowl of coins.

After the Reclining Buddha visit, we proceed out from Wat Pho and headed to Grand Palace.

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