Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bkk D2: McD & Somboon Seafood

By the time we reached MBK, it was already 4pm. We didnt take any lunch around Grand Palace area as it was all hawker stalls and I doubted the hygiene there. So we decided to go to McD to have a quick lunch (tea time I can say). Both of us ordered Samurai Pork Burger (as we couldnt find this in Malaysia McD). A set was not cheap lei, it was like RM10 for a regular set.

Their fries tasted better in Thailand. I wonder what happen to Malaysia's McD Fries. They serve Thai chilli here, which was really nice.

Pork burger! One side of the burger was filled with McChicken punya cabbage with cream and the other side of the burger was filled with Samurai brown sauce. The samurai sauce was not the same as our version of Samurai burger sauce ya. This has no pepper and onion at all, just brown sauce only. Very unique taste in the sense. Not bad not bad.

We were quite fulled at 5pm and went back to hotel for a rest. 7pm we left our hotel, need to go to Somboon Seafood Restaurant, the most anticipated dinner. Why? This is because lots of food blogger recommended this restaurant plus this restaurant was visited by Thai Prime Minister (I dont think is the current Thai PM).

It was so famous until lots of fake somboon appears and pay the taxi drivers to get visitors to their restaurant whenever the visitors say wanna go Somboon. These fake Somboons will 'liok' you enough and the food is really bad.

In order to avoid this situation, I did my research for the Somboon. There is a branch located near Sam Yan MRT station (none of their branches located near BTS), so I made a reservation at 7.30pm before I went to Bangkok.

7pm, the rain didnt stop, it was drizzling.

Bought tickets from BTS National Stadium to Sala Daeng (if I am not mistaken) station where it interchange with MRT.

Once we came out from Sala Daeng BTS, the signs pointing to MRT station is everyone, no need to worry you will get lost. And, the route to MRT are all covered up = shade, no need to walk along the road = safe. Took an escalator down to the station (MRTs are all underground train).

Buying tickets at Silom MRT to Sam Yan Station. It dropped out token as ticket, so you have to scan the token at the counter.
Need to walk down again, I think the train is really underground.

When we came out from Sam Yan MRT (Exit 2), still raining. I suppose to look for Chamcuri square but dont know where is it. Saw a building behind, thought of trying our luck. So we walked through the rain and I saw Somboon Signature logo --> a big red crab at the wall! Yay, we got into the correct place! No fake somboons!

The menu was really extensive! and the price was reasonable as well.

Tom Yum Gung. Came in a hot pot. The prawns are really huge! 4 of them. The soup was hot, spicy and sour! The best tomyum I have ever tasted, boy boy agreed with me too. Really genuine Thai tom yum gung, totally different from what we have in Malaysia.

Fried Curry Crab. Lots of options to choose from, but we choose the one with the biggest picture. I think it was one crab. The curry was not the same as our Malay-style or Indian style curry, it was not spicy and it doesnt taste like they have rempah. Different recipe. Despite that, the crab was really fresh and meaty. They cracked the shell for us already, so we just need to open it with our fork and spoon, which made it easy to eat.

Fried fish. Again, the biggest fish picture in the menu. The fish was really big and it was fried to crispiness. Together with the ingredients: nut, onions, chillis, cucumber etc. it tasted really nice.

The total damage was 750B. It was considered quite reasonable despite all are fresh and big seafood. We were not really hungry when we arrived there, but we cant resist not to order 3 dishes when we were in a famous restaurant like this. We wanna try! Ended up, stomach was 120% full. Wanna order dessert too, but really cant stuff in anymore. I wanna vomit out the pork burger and eat Thai dessert, can?

It was our second last night here, and the last night I have made a book in Baiyoke hotel. If not, I would have come back to Somboon and try our dishes. A total sastisfaction after dining here. No place define Thai food more accurately than Somboon. Boy boy 100% agrees with me. A must visit when you are in Bangkok. Strongly recommended.

P/S: I have gave you the directions how to go to Somboon Sam Yan branch with public transport. Dont risk yourselve taking taxi there, you will regret it.

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