Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bkk D2: Grand Palace (Part II)

Only certain points I remember on the King Rama stories (Hopefully I got all the King numbers correct):

- The Anna and the King movie is referring to King Rama IV.
- King Rama IX only do restoration, he didn’t build any additional buildings.
- King Rama VII was shot dead, thus the shortest reign and has no heir.
- King Rama VIII is a nephew of Rama VII, and has very short reign as well.
- King Rama IX has the longest reign, around 43 years (I think), and is 81 years old now.

European building with Thai roof.

The tour guide said roll the ball in the lion's mouth brings good gamble luck. Automatically, I went and rolled it. Roll the ball, not let the lion bite la.

The small building (or maybe shelter) on the right is for bathing ceremony (if I got the tour guide's word correctly) of the King.

Last time, the Kings used to stay in that building. King Rama IX does not stay here.

This building is the prayer hall. No camera allowed inside. The decoration inside was really fantastic with lots of shining stuffs.

The decorations at the side of this building was unique too.

The tour lasted for 1 and a half hour which was considered worth it as it was FREE. The tour guide was quite in explaining the history too. I really was exhausted after the tour, took a seat at the resting place as per below. It really was tiring.

I was really amazed by the architecture of Grand Palace, real fascinating, isnt it?

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