Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bkk D2: Grand Palace (Part I)

We walked along the river and along the walls of Grand Palace to find the entrance. Walked 15 minutes I think. The heat is really killing me. The Grand Palace has increased its ticket price. Before I went to Bangkok, I did a research online, the website said the ticket is priced at 200B. When I reached there, it was 350B. Increased so much! But since we were there, we mai suai go in and have a look lor.

We managed to join the free guided tour on time, 1.30pm. [note: there are people outside the entrance asking tourist whether they need tour guide or not, they are priced at 200B per person, so a couple hiring one tour guide will cost 400B]. This FREE guided tour has only 4 sessions per day: 10am, 10.30am, 1.30pm and 2pm. So, we followed the tour guide around and her English was quite good too, at least I can understand.

She explained some stories of King Rama I until King Rama IX briefly. King Rama IX (the current King) does not stay here, he only will open certain buildings when there is a function involving foreign countries VVIPs.

A fan is definately a MUST when you are in Bangkok. If automatic mini fan that would be the best!
Monkey and Demon. Monkey is without shoes, Demon is with shoes.

Human body with chicken feet. Tourist asked why there is such thing, the tour guide answered, "is part of ancient mythological creature".
The tour guide also brought along her umbrella le, imagine how hot it was.

A mini model of Ang Kor Wat. King Rama # ?? (I forgotten which number liao) fostered a good relationship with Myanmar and he loves Myanmar a lot until he built a mini Ang Kor Wat.

Library. Closed. Not open for public except King's Birthday.

To be continue .......

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