Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bkk D1: MK Steamboat

After coming back from Asok BTS, we rest awhile in the hotel. 5pm something it started to rain, and we were watch Apocalysp (Is it spelled like that) on Star Movies, then there was no connection when it came to saat genting part (the good guy versus the bad guy). 5 minutes later we switched it back again, it was ending already. Hahaha. I told boy boy that is better to watch at your computer since you have the DVD.

Around 6.30pm, still raining but no point staying in the hotel since we are on a vacation, we went out with an umbrella (yup, umbrella is a MUST in Bangkok for the rain as well as hot sun). As we were still full, we wandered around MBK (5 minutes walk from our hotel).

I thought I can buy something in MBK since I didnt buy enough in Chatuchak (I didnt use up all the money that I budgeted for shopping). The environment in MBK really changed a lot since I last visited it 4 years ago. Last time, it was really 'lap tup' (rundown), lighting dark a bit, all the shops were all 'chap ba lang' (cheapskate) shops. But this time around, it really reinvented themselves, it has cinemas, Tokyu departmental store (this maybe I didnt notice it last time), some branded shops, nice food court, almost like our Sungai Wang here. It has some nice decorations too, clean, well-lit areas.

After walking for 1 hour plus and I was really tired (due to the walkings in the morning), we passed by this MK Steamboat, which was recommended by MG. MK steamboat is the largest steamboat chain in Thailand, they have 200+ branches all over Thailand. So, this restaurant must be something right.

Thailand tea hor, has no 'tea' taste at all le (observation after a few meals in Thailand), it tasted just like plain water. MK famous thai chilli sauce. It tasted not bad, but a bit sourish. I would prefer Johnny's Steamboat's Thai chilli compared to MK (Maybe Johnny's steamboat copy MK? There was no JS in Bangkok wo).

Clear soup. No herbs, no nothing at all. Normal.

Since we were not so hungry, we ordered a vegetable set.

And four add-on dishes. The pork thingy (bottom right plate) taste quite unique, nice.

As a whole, it was just normal. Boy boy said he prefer Ho Ho Steamboat, the chilli no one can beat Ho Ho. Then I told him that these two steamboats are based on two different concept ok. Then he said he still like Ho Ho. Swt.

P/S: After I came back and I told MG about my experience in MK. She said I should have ordered Fried Tofu and their variety of mee. She mentioned to me before I went to Bangkok. How can I be so 'tai tao har' to forgotten these 2 dishes! No wonder I said MK was so-so only. Sigh. Regret regret.

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