Friday, June 19, 2009

Bkk D1: Chatuchak

Sunday = weekend
Weekend in Bangkok = Chatuchak market

Yup, Chatuchak day today. A much hyped place that I heard everyone recommending, ‘MUST GO MUST GO’, ‘Very cheap!’, ‘Must spend one whole day there’. How could I miss such opportunity?

We walked from our hotel to BTS Skytrain – Siam station. Took some photos along the way.

Bought tickets to Mo Chit station.
After 20 minutes, we followed signs and the flow of people that are walking towards the market. Chatuchak is an extremely HUGE market (estimated size of 35 football fields), dem geng.

We tried to walk row by row, one end to another, but the plan failed. Coz the lane was just too long. The shops are selling all sorts of items, ranging from clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, furniture, home decorations as well as pets! The pets were so cute and they are very cheap. Boy boy so tempted to buy one Siberian husky and asked me what is the procedure of importing dogs from overseas.

The stalls are selling very cheap clothing, you can bargain and get some discount ~ 20 – 30% off. The tactic is once you ask the price and you said you don’t want, then the owner will ask you to ‘state’ a price. But make sure that you really want the item lor.

There was this case when we passed by a shop, we heard a mat salleh asking the price for this particular dress (just a normal cotton flower dress) and the shop owner said, “4,500B”. I was shocked, I stopped and looked back at that dress again, look right look left look up look down, how can this dress costs RM450 with that type of material, at this particular place? Even the shop owner said, ‘Only one in the world, no other place sell this’. But still, is crazy. This people really add an additional ZERO behind the price when they see mat salleh.
As we walked along, boy boy bought more things than me. Hahaha. Everything also he said is cheap cheap. When it was 12pm, the sun was really hot. We stopped by and bought a coconut juice, which was really sweet.
We bought mango for 20B, which was very cheap. Fruits are real cheap in Thailand and real sweet. I dont know the pinkish thingy call what coz it is not sugar and is not salt. It tasted different.

Boy boy bought these:

- Soldier cap - 190B
- Soldier pants - 190B
- Short sleeve shirts - 500B for two pieces
- Long sleeve shirt - 340B
- Belt - 100B
These was what I bought in Chatuchak:
- clincher - 160B
- Long tees - 100B for 2 pieces
- Shorts - 100B
- Flower dress - 200B
- Clutch - 160B (dinner clutch to go to AL's wedding, hahaha)
- Tankini - 300B (At first it was sold at 350B, when I asked for new one, she said dont have, I have my disappointed face and wanted to walk off, then the owner said 300B for me)

We spent only 3 hours there, really beh tahan the temperature. How can my friends walked 1 day there?? I dont understand, really ironman la they all. Salute salute.

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