Friday, June 19, 2009

Bkk D1: Cabbages & Condoms

Is a restaurant that serves Thai food ok. Dont think senget. Plus this restaurant educate people. Not the dirty dirty things that you are thinking by seeing the restaurant name. Your mind is corrupted!

We didn’t eat lunch at Chatuchak as I really don’t wanna risk my stomach on the first day in Bangkok. Read some recommendations from internet saying that this C&C restaurant is an unique one as they are selling condoms as well as decent Thai food. I was really curious about it and I went there.

At Mo Chit BTS station, we took skytrain and went down at Asok station straight to search for C&C. We walked along the road, Time Square building being our landmark and we turn left into Soi 12. Walked another 10minutes, and we reached the place.

It was 2.30pm.

We took the air-con place as we really cannot tahan the heat anymore after leaving Chatuchak. The restaurant is really a cozy and decent one.

Outdoor. Real hot. Cannot sit.

Soda water really sux. No taste at all. Dont order.

Tom Yum Gong (180B for small). The soup was really sour but it was not so spicy (I told the waitress not too spicy). 5 big prawns and lots of big mushroom. Really not bad at all.

Mixed vege (100B). Standard dish.

Pandan chicken (250B), that was what I called it. It was named differently in the menu. The chicken was tender and it was well-marinated. You can eat it as it is without the sauce, or you can dip some sauce if you want, sweet one.

The lunch costs around 600+B. After that, we went out to take some interesting photos in the compound.

Look carefully at the figures.

We saw this notice at the exit. The box has 2 sizes (dont know why boy boy didnt take the labelling), one big size and one small size. Is absolutely FREE.

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