Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Brother Restoran - Kota Damansara

A pair of parent no need to jaga anak for 5 days, so they were super free every night until wanna ajak people to join them for dinner everynight. So happened that I was super busy with things few nights and finally on Friday night I was available. In conjunction with Suyin's exam over, we met up for dinner in Kota Damansara.

We met in front of a Hakka restaurant, standing there dont know what to eat. That's the problem when you are dining with a bunch of people. Then suddenly we saw this Big Brother opposite us and we decided to go there. Good news for my Malay readers, this restaurant is Halal (how often I blog about Halal food huh? my bad).

Onion Rings (RM4.90). The onion rings were super big, guess they used super big onion as coated with super thick layer of flour. Boy boy said it was nice, but to me it was oily and the coat was too thick for my liking. I have to scrap out half of the coating.

Soup of the Day (RM5.90). The soup of the day was mushroom soup. A bowl of hot mushroom soup served with 3 pieces of garlic bread. The garlic bread was rich in garlic and butter, well-baked until it was crunchy! Even Pizza Hut garlic bread has no match for this. The soup was not the typical campbell soup, it does not has strong smell / flavour as some other wild mushroom soup. It was ok.

Big Brother Special French Fries with Cheese (RM7.90). This is a must-order! A layer of cheese was being put on top of the french fries and then it was baked (I think), sprinkled with some spice, it tasted superb! No where else you can find similar thing. Once you start munching on it, you cant stop.
Boy boy ordered Lamb Chop Tower (RM18.90). The 3 pieces of lambs were not stacked in a tower shape though. They put the french fries below the lambs, floaded with the sauce, thus making it mushy when it arrives. I prefer them to stack aside the french fries, then I will dip the sauce whenever I want to. The lamb was grilled to perfection, it was soft and tender. The meat and fat was distributed nicely. Not bad.

Annie ordered Ribeye Steak (RM28.90). The steak was flapped on a mountain of mash potato. When I mean mountain, it was really dem a lot! Annie commented that the steak was not so good.

Nikky ordered John Dory (RM17.90). 2 pieces of steam dory fish on top of mountain of mash potatos. The fish doesnt taste nice, as such Nikky left half a chunk. It is rare that Nikky has leftover on his plate. This means that this dory fish was not nice at all.

Suyin ordered Linguini Pasta with Dory Fish (RM16.90). Again, a different version of dory fish. However, this version tasted much better than the previous one. Nikky also said that he preferred this dish.

Calvin ordered Charbroiled Chicken (RM15.90). A piece of grilled chicken slapped with a piece of cheese plus sauce. It tasted nice.

This restaurant serves cheap steaks (although it wasnt that cheap) and a list of appetizers. They offer steaks, pastas and desserts. Can give it a try whenever you pass by. The restaurant was packed at a particular time, this means that it wasnt bad huh.

Big Brother Restaurant
No. 3G, 3-1, Jalan 5/20,
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara,
PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya.

(The new shophouses area beside Dataran Sunway and Giant Kota Damansara).

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