Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

Yweng managed to buy tickets for all 11 of us to watch Transformers II a week before the showtime. After she has told me that she bought the tickets, I was soooo looking forward to watch it and hope the Saturday comes faster. Really eager to watch it.

After watching it, to me it was OK only, nothing near spectacular lor. Hmm…. Disappointed me. I think I really has too high expectation of this film already. [If you haven’t watched this movie, please do not read on as spoilers are all ahead].

The thing was, the movie was embedded with too many LAME jokes le, I laughed, but not loud, merely just to satisfy myself only, trying to convince myself that the movie is entertaining me.

The most disturbing character: Sam’s mother was really a mess le, the way she reacted when sending Sam to college, then she menghebohkan Sam’s ‘first time’ with Mikaela while she was actually at home and she listened, then she got herself ‘drunk’ and simple jumped around the college and screaming etc. Too extreme la she, with her squeaky voice, it was just so annoying to me. Please cut down her screen time in Transformer III!
And please scrap Leo out from the movie, another annoying character.
Agent Simmons, luckily they brought him back. He really was farnie.

The movie has more decepticons than autobots. The decepticons keep on coming to the Earth and mostly are silver color. So, it confused me, megatron also silver, starscream also silver, there is one more silver decepticons during the Optimus One versus Three fighting scene. The last part of the movie worse still, so many silver decepticons. Identify yourselves la!

Give me more autobots! They only added in Arcee (3 motorbikes) and twins (Mudflap and Skids) and Sideswipe (don’t know who is he? He was the one who cut the decepticon Sideways into half at the starting part in Shanghai) and I didn’t notice Sideswipe since then. Arcee doesn’t perform well too! What is your specialty? Combine la, don’t always appear as 3 small robots and fight.
The twins has more screen time and more jokes (that appeared to be racist among some people), but what happened to them? Are they killed by Constructicons? Since Constructicons climbed up the pyramid after their fighting scene. If they are alive, why don’t stop Constructicons? Or maybe it was not Constructicons who climb up the pyramid after all! See, I am confused.
And give me more on Ironhead and Ratchet, I love them, especially Ironhead, he is so cool, tagged as Weapon Specialist. The director should explore more on him ma, give him more weapons to play with. Ratchet did have more screentime than Ironhead as he was the one who switched Jetfire’s parts to Optimus, so we see his skill.

I love Jetfire the most! The ex-decepticons who has switched side to autobots since thousands years ago and hide in a museum. He in fact was quite farnie compared to all the lame jokes that the human characters made. He was old and all his parts were rusty until he couldn’t fly (he kept on blasting out smoke from his hindside) and he has to walk with a tongkat. But he managed to teleport himself and Sam and his gang. I enjoyed his fighting scene at the last stage (I thought he will not have any more screen time after the teleportation). Why he has to die??? I don’t understand??? Stupid Scorponok, go die in the desert la you! The one and only aeroplane of autobots has died. How to fight Starscream in the next episode?

And so ever lovely Bumblebee. Give him back his voice!

As for decepticons, Ravage was good (don’t know who is he? Or maybe it. The one-eye jaguar). Love this character. He is part of Soundwave (Decepticon’s intelligent officer that sticks to the satellite). Hopefully Soundwave has more fighting scenes in the next episode.
The demolisher (the big tractor hiding in Shanghai) was so dem good and dem big size! Only Optimus can take care of him. Is always Optimus in this show (too much screen time of him).
Another impressive decepticons is The Constructicons (is constructicons also known as Devastator?). So dem huge compared to the twins. He combines too fast liao la, should put it in a slow motion so that I can see clearly la wei.

The Fallen (another old man) died too fast la! Got the Matrix straight out from Optimus heart then flew off. Fight for 5 minutes then got killed by ‘new’ Optimus. What the heck! He is supposed to be the most terrer Decepticons ma, as he is the big boss, how can he die so easily. I don’t understand.
The craziest character that they put in this movie is the Pretender known as Alice who takes the look of a human form. She was the one who stalks Sam and both of them French kiss, there they were talking about the super-how-many-foot long tongue. This is soooo Terminator ok. The only difference is that this Alice was killed when she was slammed by Sam’s car, while Terminators do not get killed so easily by slamming into them.
Suyin noted a flaw in the movie. When Sam and Mikaela was running away from all the explosion, there was this scene that the explosion went through her body and then suyin thought Mikaela will die. Mana tahu the next scene, her body was perfectly unhurt. Then during yumcha time, we joked about whoever guy that notice this flaw would be looking at Mikaela’s boobs. Kinyu came late for the yumcha session and we asked him whether he sees this flaw or not, he said, “yalor yalor, her body shines during the explosion!”. We ejek him since then.

pictures credited to http://movies.yahoo.com

There are two mind set before you watch this movie:

1) Enter with no expectation: come out with satisfying mode like PY.
2) Enter with high expectation: come out with disappointed mode like me.
Why I didnt talk about the storyline? It was because the storyline was crap. No point talking about it. Anyhow, I will go and watch second time in cinema, need to get my satisfaction back, throwing out all my expectations.
And please let the transformer transform slowly can?

Bkk D3: Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Part II)

We proceeded to Crystal Grill on the 82th floor. We were seated at a quiet corner of the restaurant.

The food ranged from Western to Thai to Japanese: miso soup, sushi (no sashimi, if not I would have taken tons of it), spaghetti, lamb chops, steaks, steam crabs / prawns, mussels, chocolate fondue, ice cream, Thai delicacies etc.

The steam prawns were really good. I only ate 2 prawns as I really scare my legs will get itchy again (Yup, it has not recover since attending my friend’s open house). Boy boy ate 8 prawns. Trust me, you dip the prawns with the green sauce, it tasted superb! Boy boy ate non-stop. The next time I come, I will just eat 10 prawns and it worth back my money. Hahaha.

The other dishes were like so-so only, not worth to mention. The dinner was priced 620B per pax, includes free admission to observation deck and revolving tower, but EXCLUDE drinks ya. Boy boy’s coke was like 40B and my coconut drink was 70B.

The dinner was well worth the price, strictly due to its ambient (and the prawns!).

The admission to the observation deck and revolving tower is priced at 200B per pax if you do not want to dine at any of its restaurant. After the dinner, we went up to the revolving deck.

It was covered up with fenced. The floor was revolving at quite fast lei, made me dizzy. At one part, the wind was blowing strongly. I found it hard to take pictures as the light bulbs on the building kept on changing color. So, one picture my face appeared reddish, another picture blueish, another picture greenish. Sienz la like that.

Around 9pm, we left Baiyoke Sky Hotel. We decided to walk to BTS Chitlom station, which was like 20minutes walking distance, just to avoid being conned by unscrupulous taxi drivers. We were really exhausted the moment we reached our hotel. Even the staff at the counter said, “A long day for both of you”. Yes. Indeed.

P/S: Tell you a secret: I was half expecting or maybe dreaming that boy boy will propose to me on god-knows-how-many-feet high in the sky. That would be soooo romantic right??? But it didn’t happen. Sob sob. That’s why I come back to Malaysia with unchanged status. Save your saliva to congratulate me.

Bkk D3: Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Part I)

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, tagged Bangkok’s Tallest Building. Indeed, it was really noticeable along the highway. After Platinum mall, we walked to Baiyoke Hotel based on the map. We walked through quite a packed corridors, shoplots on my left and small ‘illegal’ stores at my right. I was thinking that this street is totally different in Siam area. This street was really rundown and dirty and filled with all sorts of people.

10 minutes later, we reached the Baiyoke hotel junction. Along the junction, it was dirty and ‘messy’. It was totally out of my imagination. How can a notable, high class hotel be located at this type of area??? I don’t understand. It really spoilt its image. Then hor, the hotel entrance was a bit rundown, it is connected to a tiny shopping complex type of building.

Then we proceeded to the lift stating Baiyoke Hotel Lobby. Its lobby is on the 18th floor. Once we walked out from the lift, it was a totally different environment together. Now, it really looks like a 5-star hotel. We were greeted by the staffs there and one lady brought us to the reservation counter.

Then we went straight up to the observation deck (83th floor) first since 6pm is still a bit early for dinner. There were not many people, so we took our own sweet time to take photos.

Look at Bangkok view. Amazing.

See so many mirrors around, so must camwhore a bit.

I have no idea why he frowned his face.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bkk D3: Rachaprosong Area

Bangkok Siam area is really convenient for pesdestrian as they have this covered walkway below the BTS trail. You can walk from Siam BTS all they way to Chitlom BTS (the next station). They call this as Rachaprosong area.

Hop into any shopping complexes along the way without being under the hot sun.

Erawan Shrine, famous for its four-face Buddha. They have Thai culture dance every 10 minutes.

Erawan Area.

Central World, that was where we had our Almatery ice cream.

Trying to capture Boy boy's red face after eating the alcoholic ice cream.

Gayson Plaza, similar to our Star Hill.

And now, we have to walk towards that direction to get to Platinum mall to do my shopping.

Platinum Mall's environment was much more condusive than Chatuchak. It was air-conditioned, bigger space, cleaner space and cleaner toilet and the designs there are much nicer. The only thing is that they will only give discount when purchase more than 3 pieces. The mall is much similar to our Sungai Wang but it is 2.5 times bigger. It has 6 floors (6th being the food court), mostly women clothing on 1st three floors. This 3 floors are enough to kill your feet and spent all your money that you have bring.

Again, we walked for 3 hours and we were exhausted. 5pm, we went to the food court for a break. Boy boy insisted me to take photo with his newly bought Fedora hat.
This was what I bought. Not that impressive huh. I think I have been really saving the money up. or maybe the clothes were not nice enough to attract my attention.

Boy boy's purchases. He bought more in Chatuchak.

Personally, if next time I were to go to Bangkok, I would go for shopping in Platinum mall only, and where Jojo's mum always go, Pratunam mall, which is just across the street.