Friday, May 1, 2009

Tony Romas - Mid Valley

Before we went for the Wolverine premiere, we went to Tony Romas for dinner. When we were seated, the waitress gave us the menu and asked, "first time to TR?". I said nope, we have been here before. Then she asked, "Do you take beef?". I said nope. Then she was like 'mou yan' already, coz she wanna introduce us their beef dishes, then she said, "you all take a look at the menu first". I was like OK, please dont kacau us, I will call you when I wanna order.
We ordered Onion Loaf (RM12.90). The first time we tried this was in The Curve, after that we did not bother to order this because it wasnt nice at all, the coating was so hard to bite and chewing it made your teeth numb. This time, I dont know I "Chi Jor Bien Tiu Gan" (crazy) went and order it.

When this was served, I took 1/4 of it. Luckily the coating was soft, different from what I had in Cineleisure last time. It tasted better here.

Boy boy ordered Fish n Chips (RM26.90). It was huge! 3 huge pieces of fish lying on top of mountains of french fries. Boy boy said the fish was fresh and soft, but the coating was too salty for his liking.

Sirloin Sandwich (RM22.90) for myself. See, told you I dont know chi jor bien tiu ma gan until I ordered this for myself. When this arrived, it totally shocked me as it was super huge! The bread was thick, and there was a lot of sirloin pieces. Almost fell down from the chair. The actual dish is totally different from the picture in the menu: The picture shown was quite small and thin, totally opposite from what it was served.

Together with tons of french fries. The sirloin was a bit too well done. Luckily it was slice to very thin pieces so that it made it easy to chew. The sandwich has the same onion as the onion loaf. Dem mou lek, so much onions and so much fries. I ate half and tabao half back, I mean the sandwich.

Pineapple Sunrise (RM7.90) and Tropical Orange Freeze (RM7.90).
Boy boy complained his pineapple sunrise has lots of ice cubes in it. It was like almost the whole glass of his drink filled with ice. Sigh, strategy from TR to cut cost and in another way, sorry to say tipu customer.

This time I definately over-ordered my food. Hahaha. Coz at that point of time, both me and boy boy was super hungry so I thought we can finish the food. Mana tahu full until wanna vomit. Hahaha. Actually I wanna order caesar salad instead of onion loaf, but CS was priced at RM19.90 and OL RM12.90. CS is all vegetables, and onion also consider vegetables, why not I go with the cheaper one instead? ended up too full.

Tony Roma's
LG 217, Mid Valley City.
Tel: 22828243


Phui Yee said...

I had tony roma on friday for lunch. I was totally regret to order one meal per person. I should have share. When they served my meal, my jaw nearly drop off coz the portion is simply too big. Hahaha.

Phui Yee said...

But no doubt, they serve quality food. I like it. Hahah.. My fren tapao the sandwich as well..