Monday, May 11, 2009

Tiny Pisses # 5

Now, this post 'inspiration' came from my brother. I didnt manage to take any pictures coz I was asleep when he came back. I wrote an email to Nandos explaining the situation. The email below is self-explanatory.

Dear Nandos,

Last night my brother went to Nandos KLCC and ordered a take-away. He ordered half chicken with 2 sidelines, lemongrass with 2 sidelines also fries. When he reached home and opened it, he discovered it was a QUARTER chicken with one portion of PERI fries. In addition, the chicken was HOT PERI flavour.

My brother was really shocked to see it, but it was too far to go back (we are living in PJ) and demand an exchange. He ate the whole meal forcefully as he totally cannot take any spicy at all, and the take-away given was PERI fries and PERI chicken.

An utter disappointment of Nandos. How can they make such a big mistake! Size of the chicken à wrong! Chicken flavour à wrong! Sidelines à Wrong! Portion of sidelines à wrong! Not to mention that my brother paid for the price of half chicken with 2 sidelines.

Next time, kindly double check the order and the take-away first before giving it out to the customer. We, customers do not check the item in the box (do you usually take out the sticker and open the box and check and stick it back then only leave the counter?) as we trust that the order is correct. This incident made us felt that we have been cheated by Nandos. Paid full price but get half portion of it and wrong flavour!

Just to vent out my frustration with the 'mistake' that Nandos KLCC made. Thank you.

That was the letter I wrote to Nandos. ShiLing said her colleague will follow up with me but until today I have yet to recieve any email or call from Nandos apologizing the incident. Anyhow, my brother went and complained on Friday night (the incident happened on Thursday night), and the manager gave him a quarter and a sideline for free.

Hmm..... they gave the wrong flavour at the first place, and actually they should give a HALF chicken and TWO sidelines for free right?

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Renji said...

Aiyo let's boycott nandos la since most of us had SOME bad experienceSS at Nando's. Their apologize is not sincere at all. BOYCOTT NANDO's support Mc D