Friday, May 1, 2009

Tiny Pisses # 4

On Monday, I received this mailer from Clinique: Receive 7ml moisture surge extended for free upon consultation. So I called up Chloe and ask her about this whether do I need to purchase anything in order to get the free gift. Then she said no need, that one is really meant for free for customers.

Then Chloe said, “Today Star newspaper has the Scratch & Win for Clinique, can redeem 2 free things! One moisture surge and one free gift”. After hearing this, PY immediately went and bought The Star. On that day itself, she and MG went to Isetan after to work. PY managed to redeem moisture surge and comfort on call, while MG got moisture surge and moisturizer.

On Tuesday night, after dinner, I went to Clinique Metrojaya to redeem my free gift. First, the promoter told me the gift from the mailer can be given UPON CONSULTATION, which takes 15 – 20 minutes. I was thinking why do I need consultation since I already has Chloe’s consultation. Since I have no time for that (rushing for the movie), I said I will redeem that later.

So I took out the Scratch and Win coupon and wanna redeem the free gift. While I was filling up the form, she took out a lipgloss and said is my free gift. Then I asked, “Can’t I choose what free gift I want?” (Coz Chloe let PY choose the free gift, so I thought I can choose too). Then she said, “cannot, is all standard”. I kept quiet and didnt wanna argue on it. I didn’t bring the topic up coz I scare will get Chloe into trouble.

[Lipglosses belong to PY. I took this photo: One actual size lipgloss and one miniature size lip gloss which is the free gift (that was what the Mid V consultant offered me].

So, I asked again, “where is my moisture surge? I thought I can get one free too??”. She told me, “No, this coupon can redeem only one gift”. I was quite surprised by her statement coz I know that PY redeemed TWO gifts with the same coupon. I pointed at the sentence again and read out, “Neh, this redeem free moisture surge part, isn’t that means that I get a moisture surge too?”.

The lamest excuse that I got from her was “no, this moisture surge is referring to this free gift lor” pointing at the silver part (scratched part) of the coupon. I was already very disappointed, not to mention that I was a bit pissed by her statements, the most important thing is that I felt she was cheating me.

I mumbled to Boy boy in Cantonese said that I will go back to Isetan and redeem it. The salesgirl heard the word Isetan (she is from a different race), she immediately said, “all the counters are the same, you go to any counter also they will give you one gift only”. Trying to persuade me to take the lipgloss is it? Still trying to cheat me? You think I am a new user of clinique? You think I don’t have a good counter with good service to go to? You think I will give in so easily after all the lies that you gave? In your dreams la!

I called PY on the spot to double confirm with her whether she really got 2 gifts or I heard it wrongly. PY didn’t pick up my call. So, I told the salesgirl I will take back the coupon (actually she already stick it on the record book), and I do not want to redeem it already.

Me and boy boy walked off. Boy boy saw my disappointed reaction, he said, “I buy the moisture surge for you la”. I told him, “it is not buy or not buy the moisture surge, the point is that the salesgirl was cheating me, is WRONG,!”. Completely wrong ethics.

Wednesday morning, I went to PY’s table and confirmed with her. She memang got 2 gifts, then she showed me the free moisture surge somemore. I am pissed. On another note, I was happy that I thick-face-ly took back the coupon from her record book. If I didn’t do that, I would be pinching myself for it.

[I took this photo together with a stapler to prove that the gifts are really a gift, miniature size, not full size. Later people think I trying to whack clinique pulak].

Thursday after work, PY teman me to go to Isetan Clinique to find Chloe. I told her my encounter with Metrojaya Mid V Clinique and I double confirmed with her that the coupon is really entitled for two gifts or not. Chloe said yes, maybe the other consultant mis-interpret the coupon. I know Chloe trying not to condem her counterpart but under my heart I was thinking doesnt all Clinique counters are syncronized?

Anyway, here are my TWO free gifts from the coupon. One Moisture Surge and one eyeshadow.

Chloe also told us that May 1st Sin Chew newpaper will have an advert on the 2 gifts promotion too. PY and I will buy the newspaper and drag our bf to Chloe in order for us to get another moisture surge. Wahahhahha.

If you wanna redeem, I strongly recommend you to go to Isetan KLCC to find Chloe, the best consultant that I ever encounter. If you do not want to go there, please make sure that other Clinique counters that you go to give you TWO free gift, not like the one in Mid Valley Metrojaya who tried to cheat me.

P/S: I posted a comment about this incident on Clinique Friendster website last night. I do not know whether they will approve the comment or not. If they dont approve, I think they are trying to cover things up. If they approve it and gave me a response, I would be happy with their sincerity on customer service.

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Phui Yee said...

Now, i want to rant about clinique..Kuantan's counter lagi teruk..Straight away said they don't have this promotion.Consultation also dont wanna give..teruk hor..i think they "dai sai ngan"??